Full Throttle Swamp Riding

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Monster Renegades Round 1
We had some crazy weather but that didn't stop us from getting out and exploring the awesome trails. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, stay tuned for part 2. Thank you for wacthing, if you liked the video click that like button and share with your friends. Check out Ffun Motorsports in Saskatoon Sask for all your Can am and Ski doo needs

06/15/2013 The Day I Almost Killed The Pines Maverick lol
Just going through some old video and found this gem, took the Pines demo for the day to test it out and things went South quickly lol, must have been a fitting off or a good size hole in one of the snorkels as I filled the cvt quickly, I was super worried about the engine stalling and swamping the motor...so I pinned it and hoped for the best lol. A trail was crazy deep back then, even deeper now lol Not sure why my 85hp Commander beat it so bad in a race, we raced several times and the outcome was the same every time, maybe clutching was way off in the Maverick, not sure lol. Hope you guys enjoy the video, click that like button and leave a comment if ya did, thank you for watching :)

AN EPIC 4X4 QUAD FILM. Award-winning film director Thomas Opre takes you on another wild 4x4 quad ride. No sand in this movie -- just big mountains, rough rocks and deep mud. Opre travels with his cameras catching epic 4x4 quad action throughout North America. New features include utility quad riders Ron Wilert (Alberta), Jack Whelan (California), and Bayou Snorkel's Brian Robertson (Louisiana), plus the I-45 Race Team (Texas) and the Zollinger brothers from ZBroz Racing (Utah). Mountains & Mud has been nominated every year for the Extremy Award for Best Quad Film. Don't miss the film series which started the 4x4 quad craz! Full length film is available at http://www.tahoefilms. com

cliff jumps
blueness i forgot to put my clip in there.