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AC Schnitzer CLS - 1995 @ Best Motoring
Featured in Best Motoring 1995

Jizo's 1990 BMW E30 AC Schnitzer Tribute | GRAVE COMPANY
Feature #3! I met Jizo (@jizo_mass) long ago through friends and car meets. He's easily one of the nicest dudes I know and he has built this incredible E30 that sits before us today. I couldn't even capture all the small details this thing has - It's too much! We ventured out on this hot and sticky day to film with my new camera and were lucky enough to be welcomed by the staff at BMW of West Springfield. They let us film at and inside the dealership - We couldn't imagine a better spot. Thanks for watching! Follow me on IG - @Grave.Company Of course I do not own the rights to the music used and encourage you to purchase the songs in this video if you liked them! Music used: CHVRN - Cold Sun xxxxxxxxxx YuckyBeats - Bevs

BMW E93 AC Schnitzer — девчонки, бананы и подушки, тест-драйв
Разбираемся с BMW 325i E93 в обвесе AC Schnitzer. Хотя чего тут разбираться? Все просто: кабрик летом в Москве с девчонками и бананами. Хотя нет, битва подушками с перьями на Кутузовском — не самый простой элемент %) Смотрим, лайкаем/дислайкаем, комментим — всему буду рад :) Операторская работа и монтаж — Девчонки из видоса: Подписываемся в соцсетях:

I just bought a AC schnitzer E36!
I just bought a e36! In this video I share with you guys my future plans. It's going to provide great content soon. Without you guys this couldn't be possible. Please subscribe to the channel. Thank you Follow me on Instagram: Stephen_S1_Lopez