Audi 100 c4 home made commercial

Audi 100 C4 2.3 engine home made commercial

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Audi 100 2.3
Audi 100 2.3 C4 Saloon (1991) 2300ccm, 5-cylinder, all stock (no tuning)

Tuning Audi 100 C4

Audi 100cs Quattro c4
Walk around of the new car. Showing the electronics. It's a 1992 Audi 100cs Quattro with rear locking differential. 191,000 miles fully loaded.

Замена потенциометра AUDI 100 2,3 AAR, часть 2.
Замена потенциометра расходомера воздуха на AUDI 100 2,3 AAR