Priceless reaction to Lamborghini LP640

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 This is a very short clip from 2011 while my friend and I were traveling cross country in his Lamborghini LP640 on Bullrun. While in the deep south we were at a red light when I saw a few guys at a gas station staring at the Lamborghini like it was a UFO. I wonder if this was their first time seeing a Lamborghini in real life if only for a few seconds. I thought the reaction was pretty funny just starring as if the world stopped and the LP640 was the only thing that mattered haha. Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

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Caitlyn Jenner driving her Porsche GT3 RS
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 This was a pretty awkward situation and pretty funny as well. I was attending a small cars and coffee in Malibu, California where there were some incredible cars. Towards the end of the event I was taking some pictures and video of this Porsche GT3 RS when I noticed the driver was ducking behind the steering wheel. As they drove by I realized it was Caitlyn Jenner (previously Bruce Jenner) and just happened to drive into the parking lot to go to Starbucks and was obviously unaware of the car event that was taking place. I actually felt bad that they were trying to hide from my camera and had no idea I was only taking pictures and video because of the car but probably thought I was paparazzi. After she went in to get Starbucks I told her "nice GT3" as she was going to get in the car but gave me a death stare and didn't even reply with a simple thank you. It's unfortunate that some celebrities are so stuck up and rude especially in this case where I didn't care who they are and was just shooting the car.

Lamborghini Toilet Paper Prank Gone Wrong !
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Goodbye Lamborghini ...
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Reaction Video #6: Aventador Takes On New York City
You have asked for it, and here you have it—the latest installment of reaction video, New York City style. The Quadventador team headed for NYC but was stymied by traffic. The Giallo Orion Aventador cruised the city along with the BMW M5 cruise through Times Square & Madison Square Garden. As luck would have it the NY Knick had just won their game and the jubilant crown swarmed out onto the street. Be sure to check out the funny moment toward the end of the video... What would you have done if you were given a basketball to sign? What is your favorite moment in the video? BTW, I am still on INSTAGRAM, so FOLLOW ME to keep up with some of the fun stuff that I do live, be sure the follow. SUBSCRIBE, share my channel with your friend—it motivates me to bring you more content & of course, COMMENT and let me know what you think & what's on your mind. Cheers! Follow live on INSTAGRAM: DoctaM3 & Facebook: Razzi: SUBSCRIBE: