Twin Turbo Escalade

617rwhp Dyno run in 2007 Cadillac Escalade

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Escalade Turbo 1000hp
846WHP on pump gas!

SUX2BU 2003 Turbo Escalade ESV 8.35 @ 84.5 mph 1.99 60'
Finally made it out to the track with the turbo. Only got one run in because I had technical difficulties. With a better 60 it should get close to 8.0s in the 1/8 and high 12s @ 102ish in the 1/4. 60 ft 1.9972 330 ft 5.4487 1/8 8.3656 1/8 84.54 mph LOL at my front wheels burning out.

3000+ hp Twin Turbo CADILLAC vs 3000+ hp Twin Turbo CORVETTE
Scott Lowery in his Moran powered Twin turbo Cadillac vs Mark Woodruff in his Proline powered Twin turbo Corvette from the Throwdown in T-Town at Tulsa Raceway Park. Full event DVD available at

Escalade Turbo 1000hp