2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon - NO MUFFLER!!!

Removed the muffler from his 09 Wrangler. There are no emissions laws in the Yukon. You could run straight pipe from front to back if you wanted to.

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Jeep Exhaust Wrangler 3 8L Dynomax Stainless Steel Exhaust
Hey Sounds good on my JanL Jeep Wrangler! I Installed a new Cat back Dynomax Stainless Exhaust and recorded video and the sounds of the Exhaust during different moments as you can see. I know its not a small block with Hooker Headers and Cherry Bombs, but it dosent sound like most Jap Junk driven by People who need to remember Pearl.. American owned

Wrangler Rubicon playing in the snow on Grey Mountain
Steve is climbing snow covered rocks on Grey Mountain in the Yukon.

Dynomax Jeep Muffler DIY
We took a few of the universal mufflers Dynomax has to offer. We ran them for about 10K each to find the one we liked the best. Dynomax offers many DIY parts and brackets for the DIYer . Director: Scott Martin Host: Brian Carr Camera operator 1: David Wallace Camera operator 2/ Sound: Joshua Nix

Paris New York Transcontinental 2009 - Clip 04 - From Paris to New York via the Bering Strait
http://www.pny2009.com Part 4 - Through Russia and Mongolia An extreme project for drivers both historical and historic An international team of drivers will start in Paris on October 1, 2008, and is estimated to reach New York by the middle of May 2009. They will venture east through Russia up to the outermost edge of Eurasia and thus try to be the first team to ever reach the Bering Strait with wheel-driven vehicles of their own accord. Then, in February 2009, it is planned to cross the Bering Strait by driving over the ice. Considering that the strait has not been completely frozen for years, a swimming system will be in use for security. In the case that the vehicles break through ice or in case of open expanses of water, the swimming system will bring them to the next accessible sheet of ice. Upon arriving the American continent, the third challenge will be waiting for the team. The participants of the expedition have set themselves the goal - which has never been achieved before - to drive from Wales to Fairbanks and reach it of their own accord with wheel-driven vehicles. Continuing its jouney from Fairbanks, the team will cross Canada, drive through the USA from west to east and finally reach New York. By then the Extrem Events team will have achieved three absolutely historical performances: Reaching Uelen / Russia of their own accord by wheel-driven vehicles Crossing of the Bering Strait First drive from Wales / Alaska to Fairbanks / Alaska along the northern coast The goals of this expedition are to promote CO2-neutral project balance, the worldwide use of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The team will drive around the world using only one mean of transportation.