I scored a 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Pointy. I have been trying to buy the whole car for the past 4 years but he wants the motor out of it and does not want to pull it yet. I was finally able to talk him out of the bumper for 30$ I will be going on my 77 doba.

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1977 chrysler new yorker
This is a video i made of my man working on his Chrystler New Yorker, he was soo happy when he got his car, and he is always with it. This video is dedicated from Derek Boden to his brother Troy....hope u enjoy

1972 chrysler newyorker 440 coldstart
basicly mint and optioned out 72 new Yorker has the 440 and dual 2.5" glasspacks vid doesn't do justice to sound lol n he wasn't joking when he said don't get close behind me at stop lights lol was literaly choking almost on pollution and believe me pollution is sumthing I loooove lol fuckin tree uggers suck on that tailpipe

1977 New Yorker First Drive
Before any work done just drove as purchased. Ran Great!!

Derby Bumper Part 1
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.