I scored a 1977 Chrysler New Yorker Pointy. I have been trying to buy the whole car for the past 4 years but he wants the motor out of it and does not want to pull it yet. I was finally able to talk him out of the bumper for 30$ I will be going on my 77 doba.

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The Spokane County Fair Demolition Derby. The page Posse Did not Place but a good time was still had. The k73 wagon was on fire, and not in a good way. 383 Tim lost fuel and weeks lost a axle, and preston car 54 lost a coil as the 4th place car

1966 CHRYSLER 300 383 FACTORY POSI / Demolition Derby Car
Pick up this gem for 400$. A running 383 good transmission and a factory posi track. The Car had been sitting for 5 years. All the smoke was from the trans fluid I dumped down the card to lube stuff up. Yes this is going to be a Demolition Derby car. It has plenty of rust and the interior is junk. Music by JT$ I will be pulling the motor and trans and putting them in my 1974 Fury daily driver.

Scrapin Demolition Derby Style
Time to clean up the shop for the big move. THE SHOP will be moving to Smelterville Idaho. Yes i know the imperial and caprice could have ran again but we had to weed out some of are stock pile. Both cars were listed on craigslist for under scrap value and we had no takers. Now we have some room and cash to buy some fresh cars!!!

1974 Dodge Monaco Blues Mobile
You never know what you will find on craigslist.. 1974 Monaco. a great start to a blues mobile clone. Page Posse Motorsports