1968 Chevy Nova restoration

Restoration of a 1968 Chevy Nova

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74 Chevy Nova Update 100 - FINAL PAINT (Lots of Timelapse video)
100th Episode!!! My Day at the paint booth! Lots of time lapse in this video of every step I took to get the 74 Nova painted. If you are wondering why I taped green tape to my clothes is because I wanted to make sure my clothes do not flap and touch the car while painting. Its tight against my body.


LS swap on a 63 Nova wagon! In the shop with Emily EP 30
LS swap time on 18 year Max's 63 Nova wagon, this car is SO DANG COOL!!! Church Boys Racing offers pretty much everything for the LS swap for the Nova's!!! They were a great resource for us on this project! FLYING SPARKS GARAGE APPAREL- http://shop.justgetdirtygarage.com/Flying-Sparks-Garage_c115.htm *** CHURCH BOYS RACING- for your Nova needs! http://www.churchboysracing.com/ INSTAGRAM! @flyingsparksgarage @imemilywilliams @pilotreeves @max_amick @church_boys_racing FACEBOOK! Emily Williams Reeves TOOLS! https://www.sonictoolsusa.com/ ENGINE PARTS! http://www.compcams.com/ AIR & FUEL SYSTEM! http://www.fuelairspark.com/ TIRES! http://www.continentaltire.com/ SUSPENSION! http://www.ridetech.com/ TRANSMISSIONS! http://www.tciauto.com/ Exhaust! http://gibsonperformance.com/ HOT ROD! http://www.hotrod.com/ MECHANIX GLOVES! http://www.mechanix.com/

Restauración Chevy Nova CCS a Diciembre de 2011
Fotos del proceso de restauración de mi Chevy Nova, trabajo que aún no termina... y que he contado con la ayuda de varios amigos incondicionales y sin ningún interés mayor al de ayudar y disfrutar junto a mi del autito. Gracias a todos.