Ultimate Racing Subaru WRX T3/T04E Drag Race

2.0L WRX equipped with our T3/T04E turbo Kit, Spearco TMIC, and a slew of other Ultimate Racing parts running 11.98 in the quarter mile back in 2003. 20psi on 94 octane. www.ultimate-racing.com

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Drag Subaru 420whp vs Evo XXXwhp www.facebook.com/CommonRail.bg/
Drag Subaru 420whp vs Evo XXXwhp www.facebook.com/CommonRail.bg/

Subaru TT Challenge 2
Subaru returns to the world's most formidable racetrack, the Isle of Man TT Course, with the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI to set a new lap record.

Honda CRX with WRX Turbo
I had a T04E 60 trim turbo on this car that was smoking thanks to a kinked oil feed, so a friend of mine gave me a used but still good turbo from his 2014 WRX. It's an IHI VF52. It kind of sounds like a mini banshee as it sucks in air. Neat!

1989 300ZX Turbo w/ T3/T04e Cut Out FAST test drive
Well per request from some folks I finally got around to making a test drive video of my Z that is more than just giving it a little gas. Sorry for the angle of the camera and how much it was shaking around, I will figuring out a better system next time.