Ultimate Racing Subaru WRX T3/T04E Drag Race

2.0L WRX equipped with our T3/T04E turbo Kit, Spearco TMIC, and a slew of other Ultimate Racing parts running 11.98 in the quarter mile back in 2003. 20psi on 94 octane. www.ultimate-racing.com

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Drag Subaru 420whp vs Evo XXXwhp www.facebook.com/CommonRail.bg/
Drag Subaru 420whp vs Evo XXXwhp www.facebook.com/CommonRail.bg/

Honda CRX with WRX Turbo
I had a T04E 60 trim turbo on this car that was smoking thanks to a kinked oil feed, so a friend of mine gave me a used but still good turbo from his 2014 WRX. It's an IHI VF52. It kind of sounds like a mini banshee as it sucks in air. Neat!

cefiro rb20det t04e
Первый запуск после свапа :)

Turbo Kia Pro Cee'd vs Honda S2000 turbocharger
turbo Kia Pro Cee'd 280 hp Honda S2000 turbocharger 374 Hp 80-200 km Darkhorsepower E-Shop http://www.dhp.pp.ua/ turbo Kia Pro Cee'd 2.0 5mt itercooler kit GX performance 3 in. turbo t3-t4-t04e turbo XS power -50 a/r.63 new air ilet design, air flow &spool faster oil line kit sammit racing wastegate Tial 38 turbo downpipe customs 76 mm and full Exhaust turbo head gasket KDM 3мм turbo manifold MANDREL dig brake kit JBT customs 330 mm DBA /Matyl RBF 600 wheels R17x8 K1 racing 225/45 R17 injectors simens deko 630 cc DW300 In-Tank Fuel Pump AEM F/IC Fuel / Ignition Controller - ECU Piggyback