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Mallala 2010 - Sports Sedans

Shannons National 2010 @ Mallala Sports Sedans Race 2 (Clem Smith Cup)


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Alfetta Gt Turbo race against 1000hp monsters
Alfetta Gt turbo on Fire ..700hp!!!!!

1991 ATCC - Rd 7 - Mallala Motorsport Park Part 1
Round [7/9] of 1991 Australian Touring Car Championship

1997 Sports Sedan Race
Sports sedan race from the '97 Gold Coast Indy. The race was called Tranzam so I think some Kiwis came over for it.

PPG Gearbox - Darren Hossack 2010 AUDI A4 at Mallala
Australian driver Darren Hossack navigates through the field at Mallala Raceway in May 2010 for round 2 of the Australian Sports Sedan Championships. Hossack's Audi A4 features a 750HP 6L Chev engine and PPG gearbox which helped propel Hossack to outright victory.

Kerry Baily's Aston Martin DBR9 Sports Sedan
The National Australian Sports Sedan Association with Kerry Baily Motorsport and COLD GOLD Aquaculture proudly present the first ever Aston Martin DBR9 Sports Sedan. Competing in the 2012 Shannon's Nationals Sports Sedan Championship. Round 1 Mallala Raceway Qualifying Session 1

GR: Formula Ford @ Mallala Motor Sport Park
Test driving Formula Fords at Mallala in South Australia. I drove for 2x10 laps. The first run had lots of overtaking and a car better suited for my liking but a badly positioned camera, thus the lack of material from that run. The second run had a car with a lot more understeer and a very dodgy gearbox. Both however were just incredible to drive! Insane machines, despite that these were limited to 4.500rpm. NOTE: Yes, I am provoking the car quite a lot to oversteer. Why? Because I wanted to see how such a light, mid engined car would behave when pushed to far. And, because it's just so incredibly fun. :)

last oran park race 3 part 1 fiat 131 sports sedan.wmv
last oran park race 3 part 1 fiat 131 sports sedan.

Bridgeport turbo Mazda RX7 racing at Mallala
First time out with new bridgeport turbo FD RX7. Running 10psi racing at a porsche sprint day. Racing two GT3 porsches.

Drift School - Mallala Motorsport Park
'Like' http://www.facebook.com/LindstromMotorSportProductions to keep up with all the videos. Headed out to Mallala Motorsport Park for drift school for Drift School. Shot completely with 2x GoPro black editions and with my Jib.

Australian Sports Sedan Championship 2002
This is Race 2 as broadcast on Trackside in 2002 from Sandown Raceway in Victoria. This was the final race in the 2002 Championship.

TripleA's V8 Race Experience @ Mallala Motor Sport Park
Disclaimer: When I get passed reaaaally fast, is because when a pro gets behind you, you have to let off the gas so he can get around you faster and safer. You don't have a rear viewer mirror (it's positioned for the coach driver), so you don't know what's coming behind you until your partner tells you to let off (in my case, always too late). I wish he had been more communicative. All he did was sit there and enjoy (or should I say, endure?) the ride. THE EXPERIENCE Since it rained earlier today, we had to wait about an hour for the track to dry up enough to be relatively safe. Therefore, we rookies had to be extra cautious which made us look even more amateur next to the professional drivers who were doing hot laps for their passengers. At the safety briefing, we were asked to take it very easy the first 3 laps and let the other drivers pass (since would have been on the track earlier and would probably be doing their last laps, which are obviously their fastest). Miss Shift paid me an embarrasing visit on lap 1 and made it clear that she liked to be handled the hard way. From then on, it was all love and devotion between us and she did not have to complain a second time. Laps 2-3 were a good time to learn the track and get used to the extreme stiffness of the pedals and shifter. Lap 4 was the one to test how well the tires could stick at higher speeds. Lap 5 was the one to test how quickly I could come to a stop that wouldn't involve a fire crew pulling me out of a burning wreck. Lap 6 was the one where I was good enough to confidently overtake other amateur drivers. Lap 7 was the one where I finally felt comfortable with the track, the power, the braking, the shifting and the steering. At last, I felt like I could finally start racing the way that car like is meant to be raced . . . Too bad lap 7 was also my last and I had to take early retirement from my infamous racing career. FINAL THOUGHTS As I approached the end of my ride, I was finally learning how much faster I could go while still having enough room to brake for the track's super tight corners. By the way, Mallala has the third FASTEST turn in Australia followed immediately by the second SLOWEST, so it would have taken at least 3 more laps to build up the skill to take that turn with the pedal to the metal. Those safety markers (the cones) were way over-cautions, but that was probably because the track was wet. By the end of the run, I realised I should have been letting off the throttle PAST the cones and braking only half-way between then cones and the turn-in point, not letting off before the cones and braking at the cones like I did the first 5 laps. I wish I had been able to go another 7 laps. Judging by the speed the professional drivers passed me during their hot laps, I'm confident I would have dropped about 10 seconds of my fastest time in the subsequent 7 laps. Anyway . . . the fun is over and it's back to iRacing for me. I realised I've got to stiffen up the wheel on the simulated V8 to pair it up with the real deal. I also realised that the simulated V8 spins WAY too much. The real V8 I drove today was not nearly as sensitive. The car was AWESOME and it could TURN very tight and go from 160kph to 40kph in no time. It's truly a sensational car to drive.

Rover Vitesse Sports Sedan Rear Suspension Shot
Shot of the rear suspension at work while lapping Morgan Park Raceway

Mallala Motorsport Park Practice 26 2 10
Amaroo Clubman Friday Practice Mallala Motorsport Park with Formula Ford & Formula Vee,best lap 1:17

Shannons Nationals Race 2 Sports Sedans 15-08-10
Sports Sedans racing at Morgan Park track K. Race winner James Sera in a SAAB. Morgan park is located in Warwick, QLD, Australia.

Bob McLoughlin VS Commodore Chev Sports Sedan (Race 3 Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick 15/8/2010)
Incar Footage from the opening laps of Race 3 from Bob McLoughlin's Holden Commodore VS (Chev) Sports Sedan, chasing Chris Donnelly's Ford Falcon EB (Ford) through the field.

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