Chrysler 300 racing Camaro at Beech Bend

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Letra: En un carro de la chrysler un automovil 300 se subio chuy y mauricio felices y muy contentos como íban a imaginarse que los bajarian ya muertos fueron 400 libras de mota que habian soltado que jugada del destino miren como les pagaron le dieron ride al contrario y les pago con balazos en el asiento de atras ya la muerte iba planeando quedarse con el dinero y decidio asesinarlos chuy quedo al lado derecho y mauricio al otro lado otra tumba en san ignacio y dos familas llorando faltan 2 admiradores a Canelos de Durango en bromas y borracheras Alvaro los ha extrañado rancho el chilan Sinaloa ya no volveras a verlos que toquen vida mafiosa el grupo el grupo de lo Canelos si en vida fuimos alegres brindemos por los recuerdos.

Cadillac CTS vs Chrysler 300m
03 vs 04 3.2 vs 3.5 220 hp vs 250hp Luxury Sedan vs Luxury Sedan Me and my friend run a couple rolls. My small 3.2 v6 making roughly 220hp stock vs 3.5L HO V6 making 250-255hp TIME TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS: My only mistake here was mentioning 2005 when the car was indeed a 2004. There was duct tape on the mirror. Unfortunately, my friend had BOTH mirrors knocked and snapped, and we couldn't find an 04 mirror to repair it, because 99-01 are the same, but this specific mirror is a dealer only part. I know this guy personally, so he did know we were racing. He's in the military and has since left me the car tofix until he comes back from Germany. The only thing wrong with this car is the Cat Converter and the mirrors. And trust me, that's not why it got dusted. So I don't want to argue on that one. The real reason this 300m got dusted like this is because this transmission has an insane amount of loss by the time it hits the wheels, turning 250hp to roughly 160ish. The 300m runs 16s stock on an actual drag strip, where as the CTS runs 15.6 stock. The first run, he was ready. On the second run, I didn't think he was ready, so I held out and waited. Regardless of how much "traffic" you see, please save the tears. Everyone with a car has done this at some point. My friend only had a week to enjoy himself before he was shipped back out for another 2 years, so blame me if I wanted to have fun during the small time I spent with a friend. Before I had my CTS, I had a Blazer, which this 300m used to constantly smoke after about a block of keeping up. So sorry to all the LHS Forum guys who have a tear in their eye over this. This is what would happen if a 300m stock lined up with a CTS stock. Just be glad I had the 3.2 V6, and not the 3.6 V6, or worse, the LS2 / LS6 CTS-V.