Nascar Bristol - Game Footage

Another Red Sector Inc Race won this time by our own NYR32, after over 2 hours of racing!. Too bad someone had to spoil his victory spin at the finish line. Soundtrack by Monaco.

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Nascar Bristol Crash Compilation Of 2015 (no music)
I don't have all the wrecks from Bristol but hopefully the one's that I couldn't get will make the cut for the crash comp of the year. Credits to: FOX, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, & NASCAR

Idiots of NASCAR: Vol. 95 Cars Reenactments
The 2006 Disney/Pixar film remade with NR2003. If you're wondering how I got the eyes on the cars, it was a windshield add-on file that you put in your mod folder. I included a blue version in the download below. In order to edit it however, you'll need a program called WinMip2. Here is a lit of the tracks I used: Bristol Night, Talladega 2010, Thornton, DRC_WCR, Jackass Speedway, Cornfield Raceway, Michigan, California, and Daytona 2011. This was probably the single most time consuming video I've ever ever made! But since I'm sick I had lots of time on my hands. Enjoy! You can get Mater, Doc, and Chick Here: If you want a Cars Piston Cup Carset for the Cup90 mod, go here: The windshield and tire add-on is here: Check out my brother's series, The Idiots of Skate 3: Check out my Facebook Page:

Nascar Racing 2002 Video Game Tribute
I wasn't a Nascar fan until I tried a demo version of this game - racing online with 30+ people around the country was a new kind of video game thrill. The races were short (usually 20 minutes) and it only took a few minutes to find a new race with another 10+ people. With a variety of tracks being raced, it was nice to have the 10 minutes of practice time before each race to get used to the way your car handled on the track and the practice time allowed other people to join until the practice time expired. This video was the highlight of my NR2002 online experience. Several near misses during the race and a battle with another driver for the final 10 laps. I'm still amazed this game allowed us to race side-by-side at 200 mph with 30+ people online and some using dial-up internet connections - impressive software for its time. I haven't watched a Nascar race in years, primarily because the PC version of the game was discontinued and the Xbox 360 versions didn't have the large online crowds or very good visuals. It was fun while it lasted.

Nascar Video Game History
The games from 2003 to 2008