Nascar Bristol - Game Footage

Another Red Sector Inc Race won this time by our own NYR32, after over 2 hours of racing!. Too bad someone had to spoil his victory spin at the finish line. Soundtrack by Monaco.

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3D Glasses - priceless
When I got these 3d glasses that worked with most computer games and any CRT monitors I could not believe how cool it was. My kid thought it was pretty neat I told her to try and touch the Ghost Recon assault rifle sticking out of the monitor, and stuck a soundtrack on it.

Nascar Lowes Crash
Nascar Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus - awesome racing simulator that sometimes produces spectacular crashes. This one took my car about as high as I have seen any in a Nascar Crash. This is racing in the Red Sector Inc. League.

Trackmania 180 mid air
I pulled off this near perfect mid air 180 the first time and thought it was easy. I've never managed to do it again since!

Fly Past Out take
This is a movie from when we used to play Joint Operations. It was supposed to be a carefully timed 4 chopper fly past, it seems that was too much to ask though...