Nascar Bristol - Game Footage

Another Red Sector Inc Race won this time by our own NYR32, after over 2 hours of racing!. Too bad someone had to spoil his victory spin at the finish line. Soundtrack by Monaco.

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Nascar Bristol Crash Compilation Of 2015 (no music)
I don't have all the wrecks from Bristol but hopefully the one's that I couldn't get will make the cut for the crash comp of the year. Credits to: FOX, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, & NASCAR

Monaco - What do you want from me
Monaco singing their most succesful song (good quality)

NASCAR - Bristol night race 1999 (Earnhardt)
Great racing for the win.

Nascar 08 Black Flag corrupted game issue
Proof the wrong car got the black flag. This is more than a glitch. This is a corrupted game issue.