Nascar Bristol - Game Footage

Another Red Sector Inc Race won this time by our own NYR32, after over 2 hours of racing!. Too bad someone had to spoil his victory spin at the finish line. Soundtrack by Monaco.

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Idiots of NASCAR: Vol. 95 Cars Reenactments
The 2006 Disney/Pixar film remade with NR2003. If you're wondering how I got the eyes on the cars, it was a windshield add-on file that you put in your mod folder. I included a blue version in the download below. In order to edit it however, you'll need a program called WinMip2. Here is a lit of the tracks I used: Bristol Night, Talladega 2010, Thornton, DRC_WCR, Jackass Speedway, Cornfield Raceway, Michigan, California, and Daytona 2011. This was probably the single most time consuming video I've ever ever made! But since I'm sick I had lots of time on my hands. Enjoy! You can get Mater, Doc, and Chick Here: If you want a Cars Piston Cup Carset for the Cup90 mod, go here: The windshield and tire add-on is here: Check out my brother's series, The Idiots of Skate 3: Check out my Facebook Page:

Nascar crashes ! (The game) 2009
Facebook : So my first nascar video became the best video in my account so here is another one! If you like this video you might like the first one too ! Check it out ! :D I really don't know but i think that this is Nascar 2003 with season 2006 or 07 mod !

Nascar Bristol Crash Compilation Of 2015 (no music)
I don't have all the wrecks from Bristol but hopefully the one's that I couldn't get will make the cut for the crash comp of the year. Credits to: FOX, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, & NASCAR

NASCAR blowovers and airbornes #2 (crashes, wrecks in NR03)
Hi folks, heres my second Movie of NASCAR Racing 2003, I've used that COT and the beautiful old car :P The Game is NASCAR Racing 2003 (NR2003) At the end you can see some of my past cars and my actuall green Rhino's Energy cars. Thanks to Rhino's the Sponsor of my vehicle in the GNL and GNC. Love this drink. I drink one 1,5L Rhinos bottle in each race, so I get the energy in each race. I am a big Junior and senior fan so RIP Senior and Junior, you will be the Champion 2008 :) So Now. Lezs rock that track. My driven tracks were Daytona and Talladega. Restrictorplateracing 4tw :P Download my Car: