Ethos Fuel Reformulator in Napa CA Napa Fuel Saver Ethos Fuel Reformulator in Napa CA Napa Fuel Saver Fuel Reformulator Eliminate CO Emissions Increase MPG Eco-Friendly Bio-Lubricant Extend Engine Boost Performance Reduce Emissions Bio-Degradable Save Fuel Costs Toxic Clean (707) 483-8024 Did You Know Your Car Engine Wastes 20% Of The Gas You Buy? Ethos Is Easy To Use, And Starts Saving You Up To 90¢ Per Gallon on Gas - GUARANTEED! Now You Can Keep Your Engine Healthy, Create 30% Less Pollution And Save Up To 90¢ Per Gallon Off Your Gas Bill. With a 100% Natural Bio-Degradable Product, Made by a California Based Emissions Company, with a 10 Year Old Track Record. Ethos Fuel Reformulated (FR) eliminates your CO emissions (helping the environment), is not petroleum based and it increases your MPG (causing you to use less gas, hence buy less), and - it puts money in your pocket by making the fuel in your tank last longer. Not only do our products help reduce the harmful emissions your automobile releases into the atmosphere, but you're also literally saving hundreds of dollars a year as well! Saving the earth while helping your pocketbook ... What else could be better than taking out two birds with one stone!

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A look inside a plug-in fuel economiser for cars.
This is a generic clone of a very dubious product that goes under various names with buzzwords like "neo", "shark" and "doctor". These devices claim to reduce your fuel consumption by balancing the electrical power in your vehicle. This one from ebay is quite positively a luxury version, since it does at least contain a 1000uF 25V capacitor alongside the obligatory LED that shows something's happening. This one contains twice as many components as needed for it's function, with two 1K resistors in series with the LED, a bizarrely high 1.5 Megohm resistor across the LED and the capacitor just banged across positive and negative. There's a fuse which is nice. So basically it has a white LED that lights up under the futuristic looking blue cover. The microscopic level of supply smoothing is not going to save you fuel or increase the vehicles power. It's a cheap placebo. But at least it didn't go as far as potting the "electronics" in resin like some versions (with just LEDs and a resistor) do. ironically people who think they are getting poor fuel performance will almost inevitably think something like this has improved their mileage greatly when they actually work out the fuel consumption of their vehicle. They would get the exact same result if they worked out their fuel consumption without this plugged into their lighter socket.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator
Ethos Fuel Reformulator is the best product to safe money on your fuel costs. With the rising fuel prices is this an very importend product. Just have a look and visit our website,

Elizabeth Seewald -Zero Toxic Emissions -Elimination Of Pollution 1989-2013 Information About Elizabeth Seewald / One Of The Greatest Inventors In Modern Times Email: Tel: 0401 030 395 (Inside Australia) Tel: +61 401 030 395 (Outside Australia) Postal Address: PO Box 1288, Oxenford, QLD, Australia, 4210 PLASMOTEKK NANOTECHNOLOGY SOLELY OWNED AND DEVELOPED BY ELIZABETH SEEWALD, TESTED BY ETS/CALIFORNIA CLEAN AIR BOARD, THE FOREMOST EMISSIONS TESTING LABORATORY IN THE UNITED STATES, AND SIGNED OFF BY DR. CHARLES F. SANDERS THE FOREMOST AUTHORITY ON EMISSIONS IN THE WORLD, DOCUMENTS THE MOST DRAMATIC RESULTS EVER ACHIEVED IN TESTS CONDUCTED BY AN EMISSION AUTHORITY - IN THE EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE COMBUSTION ENGINE. Nanotechnology is the term commonly used to describe the science of using photons i.e. "particles of light" which creates a new paradigm in the treatment and utilization of metals and other materials. This brave new world of ultra functional nano materials of the next millennium encompasses both Nanotechnology and Plasmonics and promises an exciting method of altering common materials to become multi purpose and beneficial. This Includes: - Zero Toxic emissions on later model vehicles - Approx 90% reduced emissions on older motors including diesel - Enhanced efficiency of all systems 30-40% reduced fuel costs - 10-20% Increase in power with smoother, quieter running - Cleaner engines, plugs and points - Reduced running costs - High tension cables last longer and need less tuning - Oil remains cooler, cleaner and lasts much longer so service costs are reduced - Exhaust pipe becomes clean and remains carbon free - New cars do not develop carbon Exhaust film if fitted prior to 'normal' driving - PlasmoTekk Plates can be moved easily from vehicle to vehicle and are carbon neutral Evolution and time stops for no one, and unlike derivatives of Tesla's work from early last century, which iodizes metals (limited to Aluminium and Titanium) in the ongoing quest to concentrate and release various forms of energy that can be used for any specific purpose you can think of, such as the generation of free electricity and healing the human body of any sickness, PlasmoTekk Metal is created when (any) metal is faced toward specific intervals along the earths own terrestrial harmonic frequency grid points, where this technology is wholly owned and strictly limited to Elizabeth Seewald. Production of PlasmoTekk Metal requires no electricity, and the final product lasts a lifetime without loss of Tachyon or Nano particle flow, in and out of the metal, where the effect and benefit of this life force energy on all living cells - is Astonishing. At the most appropriate location on the earth's surface, the earths natural harmonic treatment of metal rearranges the metal's molecular structure, enabling the metal plate to receive and convert spatial energy into a perpetual flow of Nano particles, which does not only generate free forms of energy, and display other forms of energy saving properties, but also generates unique healing and sustained strength given to living cells by this life giving force passing through the body - in a very great and measurable way. Yes, governments what to know more about Elizabeth Seewald's PlasmoTekk Metal Technology and entities such as NASA and victims of Chernobyl continue to research the effect of PlamoTekk Metal on space flight fatigue and exposure to radiation. More particularly, oxygen flow, heart rate, blood flow, brainwaves, cortisol levels, stress on organs and acupuncture systems can be readily demonstrated to benefit from the application of Healthy Metal particle emitting technology. Manifestation of biological stress, caused by, among other factors such as Electro Magnetic Radio Frequency Radiation occurs at the cellular level, and simply because we cannot see this interaction between negative wave energy and the cell itself, does not mean this interaction does not occur in every area of our lives, affecting us all, ongoing daily.

Secret of Engine Problem Diagnosis- Fuel Trims Pt.1
One of the best techniques for diagnosing check engine lights or engine problems especially for lean or rich engine diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) is to examine and interpret Fuel Trim data. This video will help the home mechanic learn how to use a very basic scan tool to develop powerful diagnostic capabilities and prevent changing parts unnecessarily. Part 2 is here: For more advanced Fuel Trim info- see my video on adaptive fuel learn here: