350z- cold air in take, borla Exhaust, custum tune. Mustang- 347 stroker, but running bad, carb all messed up.

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2012 V6 Mustang vs Nissan 350z
Skip to 0:22 if you want to.

350z vs 5.0 Mustang vs Tahoe
04 350z - La Skittle - CAI, Long tube Header, 100 Shot 5.0 Mustang - Full Exhaust Camera car - 07 Tahoe - La White Brick - Long Tube Header, 150 shot, Tuned 45 Roll - Mustang had a car length ahead beat 350z by nose. 60 Roll - 350z pull but out of nos. Mustang beat Tahoe by half car. In Mexico

Nissan 350z SuperCharged vs Mustang GT (D´Leo Dragway Acarigua)
A Supercharged Nissan 350z Boosting only 4psi vs a Ford Mustang GT with some bolt ons. The Nissan had a better reaction time and it was ahead until he missed 3rd gear once again (problems shifting from 2nd to 3rd) the Mustang GT took advantage of it and took the win. Amazing footage from 3 GoPro HD Hero Cameras and 2 Sonys. RedlineAutoServices Piques Barquisimeto

350z almost wrecks into crowd & more burnouts drifting fly bys
Reckless behavior after a car show. People getting a little to carried away doing burnouts