Candi's Zinc Yellow '03 Mustang GT vs Toyota Tacoma (Dragging #279)

Time: 12.70 @ 108.88 mph 3rd run 7-20-12 Full Bolt ons now, but still have a stock axle --Eibach coilovers, o/r KOOKS 3" catless X-pipe, KOOKS 1 3/4" longtube headers, 78mm BBK throttle intake, Flowmaster Super 10s Catback, 410 gears & new Traction lock, Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter, JLT Cold air intake, SCT custom Dyno Tune by Lamotta Performance, Mass air meter, Spec 2 Performance clutch w/ Spec billet flywheel, Steeda Upper & Lower control arms & Steeda underdrive pulleys, Strange front & rear shocks, Caster/Camber plates, UPR Chromoly K member, A arms, Performance bump stop, FRPP aluminum driveshaft, Anderson N22 Cams, PI intake manifold, Stewart EMP water pump, Front 165/80/15, Rear 275/50 Hoosier Drag Radial, 8 inch shorty antenna, Mach1 pedals/trim/shift knob/chin spoiler ...maybe More to come! (Negative comments will NOT be approved. so don't waste your time!!!) For Pix check

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BMW M4 Coupé vs. Ford Mustang Fastback - GRIP - Folge 319 - RTL 2
BMW M4 Coupé und Ford Mustang Fastback – zwei rassige Sportcoupés, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten. Die beiden GRIP-Moderatoren Cyndie Allemann und Niki Schelle wollen wissen, welches Auto mehr Performance bietet und wo der Käufer mehr für sein Geld bekommt. Hier gibt's das Making of mit Jens Kuck: Komplette Folgen GRIP bei RTL II NOW: Alle Infos zur Sendung: GRIP bei Facebook: GRIP bei YouTube abonnieren: "GRIP - Das Motormagazin", immer sonntags um 18.00 Uhr im TV bei RTL2.

New vs . "Old" :2015 Mustang GT vs Classic Recreations "Villain" - /TUNED
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2008 VW Audi 2.0T TSI intake manifold carbon build up cleaning by Edge Motors
Learn how to clean the carbon deposits from intake ports of you VW and Audi FSI motor Edge Motors European car repair and performance Auto Export PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! i had allot of customers tell me that at the dealership, they were told that carbon deposits come from poor quality gas that was used in the car, and the injector cleaning service must be performed... how many of you actually heard that? because the gas quality has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with carbon deposits, AND INJECTOR cleaning service will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fix this problem. just out of curiosity im trying to see how many people were told that the injector cleaning needs to be done to solve this problem. PLEASE INPUT!!!

2006 VW Passat 2.0t w/ +140k
2006 VW Passat 2.0t FSI 140k (Pcv,Spark Plugs,Cam Follower) I did this video for entertainment purposes only. I could not find a good quality video on what I was doing so decided to show you what I did. Symptoms: Rough Idle Stalling at stops. No codes originally Changed My Cam follower Noticed Oil deposits around engine, so expected I had a bad PCV Valve. This turned out to be true Changed Spark plugs recommended @140k (they were pretty bad) After I changed everything out the car started idling even worse. Took It to the dealership and they found out that I had a leak in the turbo Pipe which I couldn't detect , I knew the car was running lean due to Code P0171 and pending misfires. I suspected a Air Leak just didn't have the proper equipment to diagnose it. I decided to take it to a dealership because they would be able to determine the cause better then non-dealerships because the have advance diagnosis systems designed especially for VW any other place would have had to guess and check method. I did save money in the long run because they didn't have to change any of the parts I installed which needed to be anyways. If you do change parts its recommended to change everything that associates itself with that same part Example PCV Valve (Gaskets , Hoses,etc.) Hope this helps someone out. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Visually Stunning Arts 2014