2011 Rob Dyrdek's 360 Degree Chevrolet Sonic "Kickflip" Stunt Defies Gravity ! Single Camera Angle

ROB DYRDEK'S 360 DEGREE CHEVROLET SONIC "KICKFLIP" STUNT DEFIES GRAVITY! Airborne Sonic "Kickflips" Between Two 50 Foot Ramps Extreme Car Stunt Similar to Classic '74 James Bond Film Action Dyrdek & Fantasy Factory Cast Sign Autographs for Thrilled Fans First Car Stunt for Dyrdek / Sonic Sub-Compact is "A Car For Firsts" Amazing Sonic Stunt Follows "Bungee Jump" and "Skydive" December 2011, Valencia, California: Daredevil Rob Dyrdek proved that you can ride a new Chevrolet Sonic like a skateboard...but don't try this at home! Rob Dyrdek and the Sonic made history in leaps and bounds as the famed reality TV star commandeered Chevrolet's hot, new sub-compact in a gravity defying "kickflip" at Six Flags in Valencia. Automotive thrill seekers jammed Magic Mountain park to witness the 360 degree "kickflip" which utilized two 50 foot ramps - one to launch and one to land the specially wrapped Sonic. Dyrdek's Sonic feat was evocative of the iconic automotive stunt depicted in the 1974 James Bond film " The Man With The Golden Gun."

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