The best of group B Rally 1984 - 1986

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The story of Group B Rally cars 1983-1986
How the most insanely powerful rally cars of all time came about and were eventually banned for being simply too dangerous to driver and spectator. Epic to watch though. Enjoy!

Best of Groupe-B (84-85-86)
Vágó By CZINEGE LÁSZLÓ (Best of Retro-Rally válogatás 84-85-86-ból...) (....a felvételeket az APV,az MPO és Bernard Boillot készitette..!!!)

1984 Garrigues Rally. European Rally
Highlights from the 1984 European Rally Championship Garrigues Rally in France.

Group B Monsters in Finland - with pure engine sounds (1000 Lakes Rally 1983-1986)
Pure engine sounds mix of the notorious Group B rally monsters in action in the fast & flowing gravel roads of the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland (1983-1986). Winners of 1000 Lakes Rally in the Group B era: 1983: Mikkola, Hannu Audi quattro A2 1984: Vatanen, Ari Peugeot 205 turbo 16 1985: Salonen, Timo Peugeot 205 turbo 16 E2 1986: Salonen, Timo Peugeot 205 turbo 16 E2