Two Brothers Racing - 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R Dual Slip-On Exhaust System

Check out the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R Dual Slip-On Exhaust System, available in carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum! Now shipping! Available through our authorized dealers or online at: Sign up for the Two Bros newsletter to receive the latest news, promos and for a chance to win some TBR swag:

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Kawasaki ZX14 Two Brothers Exhaust and Smokin Hot Fitness Model
I was taking my bike through its startup sequence when my beautiful wife joined in on the fun, I can tell if my wifes scream or the bike was louder

ZX-14R Two Brothers Racing ツーブラザーズレーシング 交換
Slip onでも満足。低音が腹に響きます。 P1バッフル交換

Graves Motorsports Kawasaki ZX14R Slip-on Exhaust Sound Video
Video sound clip of the Graves Motorsports slip-on Exhaust system for the 2012-2013 Kawasaki ZX14R. These dual carbon slip on motorcycle Exhausts are also available with titanium cans that mount without the use of straps. For more information go to

My ZX-14R with new Two Brothers Slip on
マフラー換えました!Two Brothersのスリップオンです。日本ではマイナーですが・ ・ I changed pipes to Two Brothers Black series slip on and also make introduction of my ZX-14R.