wheelie on my streched r6

me trying to go a wheelie wit my bike lowered and strectched

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Custom Hayabusa Stretched on a 240 riding 1st gear wheelies..
Went 2 down 2 up, not enough to clutch up 2nd yet, going to try 4 up on the back next.

Biketoberfest 2010 Burnout.MOV
2010 Biktoberfest Daytona Random Bikes

Tory's Custom F4i 600
I work at Taylor Collision Center and this is where the transformation took its place. The Ninja was also disassembled and painted here as well. Troy is in the Army and he wanted us to PAINT his bike and make it look sharp. Troy had no idea that when he would see it again that it would look like this. We couldn't figure out if it looked more like CARBON FIBER, SNAKE SKIN, OR THE DIGITAL ARMY UNIFORMS. To me it looks like the motorcycle version of the TRANSFORMER - BUMBLE BEE, either way it is completely custom and is clearly a one of a kind Sport Bike. IT'S AN 02 CBR F4i