Formula 1 - 1956 Nurburgring Juan Manuel Fangio

Formula 1 - 1956 Nurburgring Juan Manuel Fangio

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Onboard with Juan Manuel Fangio testing Maserati 1957 F1 - Modena Autodrome
Availble for Download now at : The story of the 'Maestro' himself - Juan Manuel Fangio - one of the most successful racing drivers of all time. Fangio was an 'unknown' when he arrived on the European Grand Prix circuits in 1948 from his native Argentina. But, in the next ten years, he was world champion racing driver five times. He drove for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz, where his partner in the legendary Silver Arrows team was Stirling Moss. In this all-action film documentary, Fangio relives some his great victories at Silverstone and Spa, Reims and the Nurburgring, and in an exclusive interview tells Moss the story behind his kidnap in Cuba, his near fatal crash at Monza, and how he rates the risk of 1950s racing against modern Formula One. Following his death in July 1995, aged 84 this documentary is a fitting tribute to the great man. We're on INSTAGRAM: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER:

Juan-Manual Fangio Onboard At Monaco 1956
Onboard with Juan-Manuel Fangio in the Ferrari D50 at Monaco, 1956?

1954 Nurburgring Grand Prix
Filmato Istituto Luce. 1954. Gran premio di Germania. Juan Manuel Fangio su Mercedes W 196 taglia per primo il traguardo di una corsa funestata dalla morte in prova di Onofre Marimon.

Juan Manuel Fangio's legendary drive at the 1957 German GP @ the Nurburgring
The 1957 German GP at the Nordschleife, with Juan Manuel Fangio