KX 450F vs KX250 Drag Race

Drag raced and a quick trail ride

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Kawasaki KX500 2-Stroke VS KX450F 4-Stroke
Is a two-stroke better than a four-stroke? The dust will never settle and the battle will never end. To further examine this issue, Dirt Rider enlisted the help of Destry Abbott aboard his championship winning two-stroke Factory Kawasaki KX500 and his thundering Kawasaki KX450F to find out which bike is the ultimate machine. Check out the 2014 August issue of Dirt Rider for a full comparison.

Kx250 Vs Crf450
******READ DESCRIPTION********Race is at 1:20*******Kx 250 vs Crf 450r Well went out for another ride with Brandon ,My grandpa ,and Brandon's family (: ,and I got my Redemption race with Brandon haha ,The first two starts we're hilarious because It just rained 2 days before this so the ground is nice and packed so traction was Great haha ,I Think we pretty much tied because he let up as soon as I pinned my bike and let up ,He would have obviously beaten me if we had continued ,but as far as I'm concerned We tied :D My bike is a 2001 ,Brandon's is an 03

KX 250 vs KX450F vs KX250F drag racing Police Turn Up
5 dirt bikes doing a couple of runs!! Visit channel and subscribe for more dirt bike videos!! Enduro Clowns: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Enduro-Clowns-1640021852943316/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/enduroclowns/

Kx 250 vs Crf 450
******READ DESCRIPTION******SKIP TO 11:30 FOR RACE******* Just nothing but wind noise and weird hand gestures until the race xD Did I mention that Brandon is a little better then me at wheelies :p I'm going to hopefully get some tips to improve :D Well I went out for a ride with my buddy brandon and my grandpa ,Skip to 11:30 for the race sorry for the unedited version lol,I'm on my 2001 kx 250 ,Brandon is on I believe a 03 crf 450 ,Tell me what you guys think about my first big bike race :D I also got video of me riding the 450 ,will be uploaded at a later date :D ,Rate comment and subscribe .