Lex Racing Nissan 350z Remus Duplex Exhaust

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Nissan 350z Remus Exhaust Tunnelsound
Nissan 350z Remus Exhaust Tunnelsound

Remus 350Z exhaust
This is the sound clip of the Remus Exhaust on my 350z. It has a low, deep rumbling note. Mods: mid pipe with resonator been taken out replaced with straight pipe, no intake modification. Add a High flow cat or test pipe and a better y-pipe will give you a even much better, deeper note. P/S: Car was roughly reved up to 4k rpm in the sound clip.

Lex Racing Remus Duplex Exhaust On Nissan 350Z
stock Exhaust vs. Remus Duplex turbo Design Exhaust on 350z

The Nissan 350z Exhaust Sound Comparison
Sound Comparison between the best Exhausts used on the 350z. For more Exhaust videos go to http://Exhaustage.com/