Thorshammer Update of the GP

Just a quick walk through of some of the work going on lately.

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RockFord Fosgate BASS CANNONS (and subscribe :D)
what cha see is 2 RF P1's...powered by a sony 1000watt amp..hope you enjoy.tell ya friends.. and drop a comment or 2 and tell me what cha think! appreciate it

Loudest Dual 12" Subwoofer Set-Up Hitting 157db - Crazy Ass MOJO SPL Bass Test - ACT Audio Best Ever
That's Right... Only 2 12 Inch Subs! Special Guest: Chris Steel From Act Audio Vernon's Car Audio Shop! Thanks For Rating & Subscribing! Check Out Their YouTube Channel Check Out Their Website!

Testing the limits DC lvl 5 10 Final run with Atomic
Thought I'd give ya one more shot. They are still working but something has given out. Probably part of the cone/former joint. We will see when I pull it. New amp is coming soon.

Memphis 15's
3 Memphis M3 15's powered by a MC1.1500 amp. 12.7 cubic feet of airspace in box...tuned to 35 hertz...Eclipse reciever....Hertz Energy Door Speakers powered by a Memphis MC4.50 amp check out this video!