Stuck Brake Caliper Slide Pin "How to"

Here, I show how to get your caliper slide pin unstuck. Often times these slide pins will get stuck in the caliper bracket which can cause uneven brake pad wear. Click here to show thanks, and help support Fixbook: Click this link to Subscribe: I, Jordan, assume no liability for anything you choose to do to your car, before, or after watching one of my videos, including this one. All DIY repairs, or modifications, you perform to your car are made at your own risk. Sometimes, even if you've done everything the right way, you can destroy, or damage, a piece, or part. You must understand this; part of doing a repair, and/or modification is messing up sometimes. Also, if for some reason, I do give incorrect instructions, and something breaks because you followed my instructions, I still will not reimburse, or pay, in any way, for whatever cost that may be incurred. Fixbook DIY Car Repair

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Frozen Stuck Seized Caliper Pin Removal HD (Failure & Success =D)
Click Here to Subscribe! Website: My failed attempt removing a frozen, seized and stubborn caliper pin. After 20 minutes of having zero success I decided to purchase a new caliper mounting bracket, caliper pins and the pin boot for $30 and calling it a day. In my opinion, spending the $30 was well worth the investment rather than spending hours attempting to remove the caliper bolt. Always wear safety goggles! Note: This video is being performed by an experienced tech. Any attempt to repair automotive parts and/or systems carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on vehicles. Such as, use safety glasses, jack stands, no loose clothing, etc. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film is strictly prohibited.

Brake Caliper Slide Bolt Extraction How To
You can buy the torch used in the video here.

Seized Brake Caliper Pin
Simple extraction method for a seized caliper pin. Happened on a 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. Tools Used: 4 - 3/4 Cut Washers 6 - 3/8 Fender Washers 1 - 3/4 Inch Galv Coupling All for $6 from the Home Depot

Stuck Brake Caliper or Bad Rubber Brake Line
Stuck Brake Caliper or Bad Rubber Brake Line. Make sure the brake caliper is what is stuck and not trouble with the rubber flex line. In this video I try and show how I determine if the brake caliper is stuck, the slides are stuck ,or a rubber flex line is causing the issue. If you try and push the piston back in the caliper by sticking a screwdriver in and pulling,it will give you a good indication of what the issue is. You may also need to loosen a bleeder or a banjo bolt to test the line . By relieving brake fluid pressure , if the brake caliper goes in easy then chances is the rubber flex line is the issue. Thanks for watching,rating,commenting and subscribing car repair