Mad Max - Last V8 - Just Damned Cool!

March 22, 2008 - Met up with Justice again for some patrolling around the mean streets of Lewisville. Another fine film by Justice, who runs Follow me on Twitter - @the_last_v8

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MAD MAX - Climax Digest / Interceptor
I ReEdited Original Movie. ReUpload. 目ん玉が飛び出るかもしれないので苦手な方は観ない方 が良いかもしれませんw

This is the internet premiere of the fan film Mad Max Renegade, starring Liam Fountain and the famed Pursuit Special, otherwise known as the Last of the V-8 Interceptors. The story chronicles the further adventures of Main Force Patrol Officer Max Rockatansky days after stealing the Pursuit Special.

The Best of Mad Max
For motorcycle enthusiasts who also loved the 1979 cult classic, Mad Max, here's the best motorcycle footage from that great movie. Enjoy!

MAD MAX. Death of The Nightrider.
A brief look at the opening scenes and quotes of MAD MAX. Concluding with the death of the Nightrider. Remember him when you look at the night sky.