403+HP 350Z - Walk around, Stillen body kit, Vertini Wheels, Koyo Radiator, Spyder HID Headlights

A R T I C L E S http://www.stillen.com/project_vehicles/350ZRed/DS_350_Sep06_All.pdf http://www.stillen.com/project_vehicles/350ZRed/Nopi_350_Dec05_All.pdf M O D S Stillen Supercharger with Intercooler, Stillen intake, Stillen CatBack, Stillen hood, Stillen bumper, Stillen side panels, Spyder HID LED DRL headlights, clear front markers, Vertini Fairlady wheels 20x8.5 and 20x10, Koyo Racing Radiator, JL stealthbox 2-10", JL XD600 Sub-amp, JL XD400 amp, Hertz Hi-Energy 6.5"woofer-mids, Hertz Hi-Energy tweeters, Kenwood DDX418, Hertz Hi-Energy 6.5 Coax (Rear) E V E N T High Octane Tuners Event, August 25 at Nissan Dublin, California West Lane Dyno Tuning 403 FWHP, 351 RWHP, 330 Engine Torque S H O P S Paint work at RJ's Paintshop, Pleasanton, CA Audio installation at Kar Tunz, Pleasanton, CA Performance modifications at Exact MotorSports,Milpitas, CA

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Stillen built 350z pearl white

Nissan 350z New Bodykit

Fast & Furious Nissan 350Z From Tokyo Drift, It’s Beautiful
Fast & Furious Nissan 350Z From Tokyo Drift, It’s Beautiful. Here’s your chance to buy a car that featured in one of the early “Fast and the Furious” movies and isn’t total rice. It’s pretty hard to get your hands on some serious Fast and the Furious motoring memorabilia given the fact that the majority of the cars used on the set were some sort of mules and the ones that were functional are complete pigs by today’s standards. Nissan 350Z fast furious, Nissan 350Z Tokyo drift, drifting car, drift car, fast furious cars, fast furious film, fourious 7, celebrity car, celebrity car collection, This menacing looking 350Z and the Nismo Mustang were arguably the coolest modified cars seen in the third iteration of the franchise: Tokyo Drift. And now, you can actually purchase the Z and call it yours . We are looking at the only high tune Nissan 350Z made by Veilside for Tokyo Drift. This bad boy was driven and drifted big time, taking part of the memorably perfect drift up the car park ramp and other high-speed footage throughout the film. In other words, it may not have been driven by Paul Walker himself, but it still has the proper celebrity tag on it. The car specifications make for an even better story. Fitted with the Veilside Version 3 Wide Body kit and APS twin turbocharged engine, power has been increased from 280 bhp to an impressive 430 bhp, with 420 lb-ft of torque. The beast is handled by a Nismo twin plate clutch and a Nismo two-way differential. Even though the Nissan was created for the movie solely, Cheshire Classic Cars claim it has been registered for road use, which means you will be able to be as fast and as furious you may wish. As long as you can find £149,995 ($233,710 at the current exchange rate) and respect the speed limit, that is. The automobile comes with complete full-documentation, proving its hero car authenticity. In fact, it's same car that executed that perfect drift up the car park, in DK's hands – at least that’s what the seller says. Still, the rig was prepped by Veilside and it sports the tuner’s Version 3 Wide Bodykit and an APS twin-turbo powerplant that Boosts the power from the 280 stock horses all the way to 430 Hp and 420 lb-ft of torque. Moreover, the power is handled by a Nismo twin plate clutch and a Nismo two-way differential. Fast & Furious Nissan 350Z From Tokyo Drift, It’s Beautiful, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-NeqfVXI34

Stillen's Supercharged Nissan 350Z
Check out the supercharged Nissan 350Z by Steve Millen and his Stillen crew. Produced and directed by Greg Harvey