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1984 Kawaski GPz 750 for sale
SOLD: I am the second owner of this bike, which I purchased in the summer of 1986. I belong to an inline-four group and got all the info. to upgrade this bike from folks in the group but the main person for info. drag races these bikes and has been doing it for years so he knows all the tricks for setting up these bikes and also what works and what does not. I SET IT UP TO RIDE.. To get the best all around performance (expectations) from this 810 kit, the head was milled .020", degree the cams to 105 (stock setting) and the use of Flatslide Carbs were used. Also have change the sprocket from 630's to 530's to reduce weight. The Exhaust muffler is a Supertrapp with the end cap drilled out; bike is also using Accel coils. Have always used Silkolene 20/50 Comp 4 also known as RaceLube. The cycle is now using progressive springs. I also replaced the 4-channel oil cooler with a 7-channel one from a later model Kawasaki. The stock Kawasaki clutch fiber discs are a good choice for the street in a 750 but after updating to the 810 kit I added heavier clutch springs. The motor was rebuilt about 23,000 miles ago, the trans was done about 4,000 mile back. The swing arm was also rebuilt a few years ago. The bike was repainted in Mid-2003 and the finish still looks like new. I have added an Easy-clutch to reduce the load on the clutch lever for those heavy traffic days. There is also a bicycle (Avocet 35) speedometer as these bike read about 15% low. (you are only doing 85 when it reads 100) this setup is nice as it also keeps record of you max. speed reached on any given trip until it is reset. There is also a temperature gauge and a digital voltmeter built into the console. Tinted Lockhart Speedscreen, clear turn signals, sport seat, custom made taillight, chromed starter motor cover, nickel-plated foot peg mount, polished grab rails and handle bar ends. The bike has to go so all serious will be considered

my 1981gpz1100

GPZ 750 turbo

Kawasaki 750 Turbo Movie With Song

RIDING AFTER GUEST BOARD Z750FX-IIIをベースに dfi(デジタルフューエルインジェクション)を採用 し、 70馬力にパワーアップして フルチェンジしたモデル。 1981年にZ1000Jをベースに排気量をアップさ せ、 KEFIを採用したZ1100GPも 同82年にdfiに変更してモデルチェンジ。 細やかなコントロールが可能となった。 これらのモデルは翌年、GPZ750、GPZ1100 へと 発展することとなる。 Kawasaki Z750GP (1982) Z1000J シリーズの販売開始から1年後フューエルインジェクシ ョンを備えたZ1100GP、Z 750GPがモデルラインアップに加えられます。これらはJ リーズの進化版というよりもどちらかというとアメリ 市場からのツアラー色の濃いモデルに対する要望から 生したモデルのようです。これはZ1100GPの排気量がTT -F1クラスやAMAのレギュレーションに合致しない 1000cc超の排気量を持っていたことからもうかがい知る事 が出来ます。当時は鳴り物入りでデビューしたEFIシ ステムですがこの時代のそれは現在のそれほど完成され ておらず、翌年販売されるGPzシリーズにおいてはコ ンベン ショナルなキャブレター形式へと戻される形となります 。 Adopt dfi (digital fuel injection) to a base, and power up Z750FX - III to 70HP; and the full model that changed. I improve displacement volume to a base and I change Z1100GP which adopted KEFI in dfi in 82 and change the model of Z1000J in 1981. Warm control was enabled. These models will develop into next year, GPZ750, GPZ1100. Kawasaki Z750GP(1982) Z1100GP comprising the fuel injection, Z750GP are increased from beginning to sell of the Z1000J series one year later by a model lineup. If anything, these seem to be the models that occurred from a demand for a tourer from the American market-colored dark model rather than an evolution version of the J series. I can learn this by having had displacement volume of more than 1,000cc that displacement volume of Z1100GP is not equal to regulation of a TT - F1 class and the AMA. It is the EFI system which made its debut with a flourish, but, as for it of this time, current it is not finished, and it is it with form returned to the carburetor form that it is コンベンショナル in the GPz series sold in the next year in those days. 日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ 大阪府堺市美原区北余部469-6 TEL&FAX072-361ー3171 http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~maltuha/index.html 店休日のお知らせ、 毎月第一火曜日その翌日が店休日になります

1985 GPZ750
This motorcycle is for sale in Burlington, VT. 32,000 miles on it, rides and runs perfectly, registered as an antique. UPDATE: SOLD FOR $900

Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo Promo Film
Kawasaki Promotional Film about the GPz750 turbo

Kawasaki kz750 Full Throttle
Brand new old 1982 KZ750 (shaft drive) i picked up this summer, not bad condition. Homemade baffle in the Exhaust, 4 into 1 headers goes like stink! Its a 450 pound beast going all out! haha

kawasaki gpz 750 cafe racer, street fighter
Kawasaki gpz 750 cafe racer. Kit piston wiseco 810 forgés, arbres à cames racing, rotor d'altérnateur en ergal er allumage réglable, vilebrequin, bielles, volant moteur allégés et équilibrés. ZXR kawasaki cafe racer zx7R r1 cbr gsxr

Presentation video of Kawasaki GPz 750 Turbo
This is the video for the presentation to the international press of the Kawasaki GPz 750 turbo ( ZX750E ).

Gpz 750 Turbo - Wild Baby by Max71.mp4
La mia amata Gpz turbo restaurata - Gira come un orologio e quando il turbo va in pressione beh...brutale emozione!!

1983 GPz 750
1983 Kawasaki GPz 750

My Kawasaki 750 Turbo (part 2)
So I finally got my Kawasaki Gpz 750 turbo running again.

RIDE ON "Kawasaki GPZ750R Ninja/YellowCorn"

Kawasaki ninja 300 yoshimura exhaust ride by
Hey guys just a quick video of my ninja 300 with yoshimura Exhaust and fender eliminator. Enjoy

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