Wednesday Night Drag Race 10/20/2010 - Infineon Raceway Sonoma - CA

A few drag races at the strip, my friend's gold Ford Thunderbird with blackout taillights is in it. His car is at 2:00. Ran against a Cadillac SRX.

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Wednesday Night Drags @ Sonoma Raceway - Gear Jammers 11-5-2014
Gear Jammer category (manual shift / bracket drag racing) at Sonoma Raceway. (elimination rounds start at 5:55 min)

Wednesday Night Drag Race - Infineon Raceway Sonoma - CA
Great Day on Infineon Raceway... My black DC2 make @ 15.0 Seconds on 1/4 Mile... check it out!!!

A look at some nasty engine fails from various drag strips across the county. How many $$$$$ in parts do you think fail in this video?