Nissan Juke-R: Crossover with GT-R heart - The Nissan Juke-R - a compact crossover with the heart of a GT-R - is officially revealed as a one-off, but with the prospect of a production model.

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Audi RS3 Sportback vs Audi RS3 Sedan 400 HP 2017 Car Review [GOMMEBLOG]
Audi RS3 Sportback vs Audi RS3 Sedan 400 HP 2017 Car Review [GOMMEBLOG] Behind the impressive performance of the Audi RS 3 Sportback is the world's most powerful production five-cylinder engine – the 2.5 TFSI. It delivers 294 kW (400 hp) of output – 33 hp more than the predecessor engine – and is 26 kilograms (57.3 lb) lighter thanks to its aluminum crankcase, among other features. Its maximum torque of 480 Nm (354.0 lb-ft) is available at engine speeds as low as 1,700 rpm and remains constant up to 5,850 rpm. That's how the RS 3 Sportback is able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.1 seconds. The effect of this extraordinary tractive power is intensified by the five-cylinder's unmistakable sound, which comes from having the ignition alternate between directly adjacent cylinders and widely spaced ones. On request, Audi will increase the electronically limited top speed from 250 km/h (155.3 mph) to 280 km/h (174.0 mph). For better mixture preparation, the new 2.5 TFSI engine employs dual injection into the intake manifold and into the combustion chambers. On the Exhaust side, the Audi valvelift system controls the duration of valve opening depending on the throttle and engine speed – for moderate fuel consumption at low and partial load as well as more spontaneous throttle response and a high level of tractive power at full load. In the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) the RS 3 Sportback uses 8.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (28.3 US mpg), which equates to 189 grams of CO2 per kilometer (304.2 g/mi). The S tronic seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and quattro permanent all-wheel drive transfers the power of the five cylinders to the road. And the electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch distributes the drive torque variably between the axles. The sportier the driving, the faster and more often a large share of the torque reaches the rear axle. quattro management is integrated as a standard feature in the dynamic handling system Audi drive select, as are the steering, S tronic, the engine management, the adjustable Exhaust flaps, and the optional RS sport suspension with adaptive damper control. The driver can individually vary the operation of these components between three modes – comfort, auto and dynamic. Handling is perfected using the Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC) with wheel-selective torque control and the sport mode specially tuned for the RS. Together with progressive steering, the four-link rear axle, and the tight suspension setup lowered by 25 millimeters (1.0 in) relative to the A3, the RS 3 Sportback combines fascinating dynamism with superior stability. Compared to that production model, the track at the front axle of the RS 3 Sportback is wider by 20 millimeters (0.8 in) – and the wheel arches are accordingly flared wider. As standard, Audi includes 19-inch cast wheels and 235/35 tires, and brake disks with a diameter of 310 millimeters (12.2 in). Alternatively, customers will be able to choose carbon-fiber ceramic disks in front. At the rear axle, brake disks with a diameter of 310 millimeters (12.2 in) are used. ►PLASE SUPPORT US .. Subscribe ► ►If You Love Cars, You Should Subscribe Now To Gommeblog's Channel: ►Se Ami Le Auto .. Non Perderti Tutti I Nuovi Video. Iscriviti Adesso: ►Google +: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Website: ►THANKS for taking the time to visit, I hope you SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the upcoming videos!

Showdown - Nissan Juke-R vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS - CAR and DRIVER
We pit the GT-R-powered Nissan Juke-R against a Porsche 911 GT2 RS in a turbo six-cylinder face-off on the latest episode of Car and Driver: Abroad. Subscribe! Do you want to speak with Jethro Bovingdon, or Mark Bramley, the cinematographer? You can reach them at their Twitter handles below! Jethro Bovingdon: Mark Bramley: Connect to CAR and DRIVER: Twitter: Facebook: Each week, the Car and Driver YouTube Channel will launch episodes of The Full Hoon, Car and Driver: Abroad, Car and Driver: Tested, Popular Mechanics Saturday Mechanic, How'd They Do That, and Road & Track Presents.

Nissan Juke-R GTR - The Build, Parts 1-5
Parts 6-10 Click Here We first saw this in EVO Magazine. As a publicity excercise Nissan UK have commissioned RML to install the engine and drivetrain of a Nissan GTR R35 into a Nissan Juke body. This is not he first time RML have carried out this kind of work for Nissan. Their last project involved transplanting a Nissan 350Z motor into a Nissan Micra K12 with the engine mid mounted. This car loved to oversteer, was quite twitchy but it was very involving to drive, like an old Porsche 911 perhaps? The most obvious changes to the Juke-R GTR (officially called just Juke-R) is the shorter wheelbase and the flared wheel arches due to the GTR's wider track, apart from the that and the paintwork the car looks like a factory item. The interior is slightly different with a full roll cage and bucket seats in an interior which keeps the standard Juke dashboard. Everything is moved back slightly though to accommodate the engine...... Read the full article here Parts 6-10 Click Here video source: For Nissan Tuners Click Here For Nissan Insurance Click Here Nissan Skyline GTR Z-Tune Review

Backyard Garage Stars: (Pilot Episode) Nissan Juke OEM Spoiler Install
Kenny visits the garage to install his OEM 2012 Juke wing. This wing is a little trickier to install since you have to drill 4 holes instead of 2 like other Juke wings. Take your time with the alignment guides and you are good to go for crazy horsepower gains! Stay tuned for Project Type R... Music: STABBY - Entropy Kill Paris - Baby Come Back