HJ Road Test: Audi TTRS

Honest John drives the Audi TTRS, with a five cylinder turbo engine.

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RPM TV - Episode 160 - Audi TT-RS Coupe S-tronic
RPM TV - Episode 160 - Audi TT-RS Coupe S-tronic

Audi TT RS Quattro (test drive)
Shaky footage shot one-handed on a Nokia moby, in the pouring rain. This was just a short distraction from the most FUN 90 minutes I've had on four wheels in my chuffin' life ;) I love this car & I want one - NOW!

Drivers Republic - Audi TTS
Review of the Audi TTS by Drivers Republic

Audi TT Vs Vauxhall Insignia Road Rage
This channel now on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dash-Cam-Network/1480055782241214 This video on youtube channel Lucy Crook and thought Id share it on my channel. Here is the full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X6yHpNgnYo&list=UUpTzi6kcqKut0ixJTsKf4LA