Hot Wheels Racing 2012 Muscle '71 AMC Javelin

Here is a quick glance at the Hot Wheels Racing Series Muscle Line '71 AMC Javelin. ENJOY!!!

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Hot Wheels : 2012 Muscle '71 AMC Javelin
One of the greatest cars of all time!

71 AMC Javelin Hot Wheels racing series Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels toy car

Hot Wheels : 2012 Muscle '69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
Another sweet race car!

Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Assortment B - Case Unboxing 12 March 2012
Unboxing video of the 2012 Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Assortment B Vintage American Muscle. Love all of these cars as I am a huge sucker for racing decorations as well as Hot Wheels logos.