Hot Wheels Racing 2012 Muscle '71 AMC Javelin

Here is a quick glance at the Hot Wheels Racing Series Muscle Line '71 AMC Javelin. ENJOY!!!

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1971 AMC Javelin SST - Vintage Road Test

Hot Wheels Racing 2012 Muscle Set
this is the hot wheels racing 2012 muslce set. took me long enough to upload this huh? lol

Hot Wheels : 2012 Muscle '71 AMC Javelin
One of the greatest cars of all time!

71 AMX Javelin Barn Car-Extreme Restorations By jake
Extreme Restorations By Jake restored this 1971 AMX Javelin from top to bottom. This "Black Dog" is Jake's best friend's father. Jake promised him about 15 years ago that after he started his own muscle car restoration shop that he would restore Mr. Papp's 1971 AMX Javelin! Extreme Resotrations is your Auto body shop for custom high-end restorations for your Camero, Chevelle, Intrepid, Mustang, Super Sport or any other Sports Car in your garage! We restore all muscle cars as well as your classic pick up including, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep and Toyota. Our extreme attention to detail helps bring the restoration process of your vehicle to perfection by restoring your automobile to its orginial off of the assembly line production quality. We are located just outside toledo, Ohio (Waterville), but Extreme Restorations by jake has served muscle car, classic car & truck enthusiasts from all over the country.