KCIR 2010 Muscle car and Nostalgic Drags NSS ACTION

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Nostalgic drags from on line cecil 6-14-14
Nostalgic drags from on line cecil 6-14-14 Mid atlantic nostalgia drags

York Nostalgic Musclecar Madness Car Show July 9 2011.wmv
Music is not owned by JDs Car Corral or anyone from this business. All pictures are taken and owned buy Jeff Ebaugh and JDs Car Corral.

SUPER/STOCKERS OF THE 1960's The Early Years 1960-1965
Fifteen minute promo from the 2 hour and 22 minute full length video available through Jim Amos' Bee On Video. The video covers the early years (1960 to 1965) of Super Stock and Factory Experimental Drag Racing . Real car sounds have been added and the video is fully narrated. This Promo is just a teaser. The full length video is an absolute MUST SEE. www.beeonvideo.com

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags 2014