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Falcon XY GTHO Group Nc race car, rear suspension lateral movement. Does it need a panhard
I wanted to prove if with a leaf spring setup on my race car I needed a panhard bar or watts linkage for lateral diff housing location, so I put a camera under the car to prove it. The springs have polyurethane bushes and the diff housing is mounted directly to the spring without the original style sandwich rubbers. If you look at the top LH corner you can see the sway bar mount which indicates lateral (sideways) diff housing movement if compared to the edge it the video frame. The answer looks like you don't need lateral location. However if you want to control rear roll center, then either of these lateral location devices are well worth the trouble to fit.

Episode - Roush Yates Engines Tour & Open House - Featuring Doug Yates
Doug Yates welcomes Scott and Charlie to the Roush Yates Engine shop. Nick Ramey gives a tour of the ARCA engine facility and supplies ARCA motor for race. Doug invites Scott and Charlie as special guests to the open house where Jack Roush, Greg Biffle and David Reagan are present.

Muscle Car Masters 2013 Group Nc Race 2 SMSP

SS2000 Race 2 12a PP RX7 Manfield 24 Feb 2013
Second race in the car ... ignore the high pitch rattle, the airbox was temporarily fixed and rattling. Enjoy.