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Firebird 67 68 69 von Riss 15Nov08

Mechanics shop trip to look at My 56 Packard and 528e BMW Reality Youtube Classic cars
OK this is likely odd who knows. I am always looking for kool ways to connect with My Youtube audiance and in doing so have now reorted to strapping a camera tto the side of my head as i walk aroung... so 1 on my head 1 on my neck and video all the time. This in no way will replace ANY content on My channel it will always be the HIGH QUALITY HD Reviews and Travel I will have a New SONY Nex 5N if the Nex 7 doesent come out in the next week or so which i am doubting.. this is a lower quality recording but the smaller lighter camea does have some very neat features like putting it on the side of my head for 1... I could Never go to 480p like this for my reviews. Now this is my first video with this setup so we shall see here. I will learn to move my head slower and all that and improve it a bit meanwhole as a "test" of sorts i am going to throw up these video clips of just real life stuff of whats going down around here and some of the places i visit and work with. Please comment and give me your input. Is this still interesting? do you really want to see some of these cool cars before they get all spruced up and see a bit of the behind the scenes before i get them going?? I mean this is the most project type car im working on right now i got it cause it is a 1 Owner all original car and i dig old Packards and Cadillacs..;-) Please give me your input..;-) This is as real as it gets forget reality TV this is more real than that scripted crap could ever be...;-) Which is why i worry it sucks LOLOL so if you did read this dribble please let me know. Make sure and check out my other videos I always have lots of Neat Unique and Interesting Classic EURO and Muscle cars and i sell them Cheap. Http:// and you will see about 30% of the 160 to 180 in stock Thanks for watching make sure and Subscribe to my channel

1968 Firebird abandoned in the junkyard.wmv
1968 Firebird abandoned in the junkyard, this car was here for about 30 years what a shame!!!!!!

1967 Firebird 400 4spd Convertible for full details on this restored original drivetrain 67 400 Convertble with 4-speed transmission!