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Seafoam Motor Treatment Test | Engine Cleaner I've read about the Seafoam Motor Treatment on several different message boards and thought I would try it out on my 1977 Chevrolet C10 pickup. My truck has the 250 inline 6 engine.

How To SeaFoam Your Car The Right Way
Hello everyone, In this video I show how I used SeaFoam on my 1994 Honda Civic EX 1.6L VTEC. These basic instructions can be applied when Seafoam is used on other vehicles. SeaFoam may be purchased at your local auto parts store. Thank you for watching! And remember to comment and subscribe! -UrbanSleepers ***Please remember that this video was made for informational purposes and Seafoam should be used at the viewers' discretion. Please be safe and wear safety glasses and gloves when handling the product.

Older video on Sea Foam Deep Creep lubricant and cleaner
Sea Foam Deep Creep works GREAT as a lubricant and cleaner, and heat actually draws it in and doesn't degrade it! Sea Foam website:

How to Seafoam your Vehicle.
How to Seafoam your Vehicle.