Sonic Jet boat twin turbo 300zx engine, up oreti river, New Zealand

Sonic Jet boat twin turbo 300zx engine, upper oreti.

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Three Jet Boats run Slalom Rapid on the South Fork of the Payette
Three jet boats run slalom rapid on the South Fork of the Payette River in Idaho. The extreme whitewater that is here is only run by a select few. The smaller jet boats in this video are running super charged V-8's and Hamilton 212 pumps. The twin is running two 350 chevy's and Hamilton 212's. Enjoy as you watch very talented boat operators work there way up the South Fork of the Payette River.

DNA Custom Fabrication Jet Boat 5052 marine grade aluminum Length - 19'6" Width - 76" 8 Degrees Deadrise Weight (including motor) - 1500lbs Engine - 780cc 2-stroke 135hp (Polaris SLX 785 Pro) Cruise - 25-30mph Top speed 40mph Full UHMW bottom - 3/8" thick

Ever seen a race boat drift? Ever seen drifting in a race boat?? Ride along through the lens of onboard cameras.You'll see team Unpredictable do their best impression of drifting in a race boat at around 2:25. These boats are capable of over 100+ mph,Running in less than 6 inches of water at times. The race boat will drift from one side of te river completely across to the other side.