Sonic Jet boat twin turbo 300zx engine, up oreti river, New Zealand

Sonic Jet boat twin turbo 300zx engine, upper oreti.

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ZR 48 Corvette Boat
: zr48-now-up-for-sale/ The boat's sales listing states that the hull is actually made of carbon fiber. Ironically, one of the most popular articles on our site in 2011 was about a boat rather than a car or an engine. That article focused on the now famous MTI built ZR1 Corvette themed speedboat, dubbed the "ZR48", which was believed at the time to be powered by multiple supercharged LS9 engines. But we recently received a tip that the famous MTI ZR48 ZR1 Corvette Boat is now up for sale on, with a ton of specific details about the boat. From the listing, we learned that the boat is constructed of mostly carbon fiber, but isn't actually powered by LS9's. Instead it's powered by dual Mercury Racing twin-turbo marine engines that make a combined 2,700(!) horsepower. And interestingly, what appears to be the top of an LS9 peaking thorough the very accurate-looking clear power blister on the top deck is actually an elaborate speaker pod that lifts up from the deck. It's just one part of a massive 8,000 watt stereo system, which seriously ups the maximum off-shore partying capabilities. And that's just the beginning of the ZR48's features. It also has an ice cold 24,000 BTU air conditioning system to keep passengers cool on hot summer days, an Apple TV, and even has its own Wi-Fi network. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, awesomeness doesn't come cheap: the ZR48 is listed for $1,700,000. But, at least it includes the trailer for that price. Check out the ZR48′s sales listing on for even more details on this righteous boat.

Berkeley Jet Boat Bahner Blown Big Block Chevy
First time out for 2014. Still spring, but days are warming up! Got the GoPro's in action to catch some footage of the Bahner ripping it up the Murrumbidgee river with friends followed by Lake Albert with my brother. 100L of fuel gone after 1.4hrs run time. Summer is going to be epic!

Small jetboats in New Zealand
More small boating action Sorry about the quaility - youtube have butchered the conversion for some reason heres some links on how to build a small jet boat hope this helps

Home Built Jet Boat
I built this boat in my garage over a period of 5 months in my spare time. 5052 marine grade aluminum Length - 19'6" Width - 76" 8 Degrees Deadrise Weight (including motor) - 1500lbs Engine - 780cc 2-stroke 135hp (Polaris SLX 785 Pro) Cruise - 25mph Top speed 37mph Full UHMW bottom - 3/8" thick