2001 Accord V6 coupe with AEM Short Ram Intake & Full cat

Vroom Vroom!!!......the ride of kleptodathief

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Accord coupe 3 0 V6 0001

sound rec: ZOOM H2N

Accord V6 Fujita Cold air intake
**PLEASE NOTE** This is not my car, It's just a short video of a WARM engine that my friend wanted to post so he could hear the before/after difference of his CAI. I WILL delete your negative comments so keep them to yourself, my friend doesn't even read them and telling me how smart you are doesn't impress anybody. Thank you. Sound comparison of stock vs Fujita cold air intake on a 2003 Honda Accord V6

Honda Accord AEM V2 Cold Air Intake Installation
2002 HONDA ACCORD SPECIAL EDITION Automatic Transmission 2.3L, 4 Cylinder v-tec Series F23A1 Engine PLEASE NOTE: I'm no professional at this. I'm still very new and learning more about the import tuner world. I've never done an intake installation before and this one is my first. Please don't over judge me too harshly. The video was more for me on how to install it, but I thought I would share this with everyone. Enjoy the video!