Civic hatch k20 vs supra 400 whp!

Civic hatch k20 vs supra 400 hp...

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Boosted K20 Civic vs WRX
WRX - 1 passenger Civic- 0 passengers

Killer K20 Civic vs. Lambo Supra Vette GT500 & more!
The Innovative MotorWorks STOCK SHORT BLOCK k20 Civic with its old school 67mm turbo is out hurting feeling again. Watch as it takes on a Blown C6 Vette, Big Single Supra, GT500, Big turbo Bmw, Lambo Huracan, & more!

K20 civic vs Evo VIII
K20 eg hatch w/kpro and full bolt ons (210whp) vs Full bolt on Evo @ 23 psi

K20 Civic Shoots Flame And 3rd Gear Burnout