STI (TD06 20G) vs WRX (18g)

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S256 BorgWarner STi vs. 2.0 WRX w/ TD06-20g both on Meth street race to 145mph
Well just as the title states. The camera car is a 2.5RS with a full STi swap including interior and everything out of an 04. Borg and Warner S256 at 21+ psi with 660cc of 100% Methanol. Far vehicle is a 04 WRX 2.0 stock motor with an 06 trans, TD06-20G Gruppe-s prototype turbo at bigger Boost, also 660cc of methanol and none of that watered down 50/50 crap all 100% alchy. They ran from around 40mph to 145-150. Thank god they raced and was filmed in mexico.

Subaru Impreza WRX/STi with Td06-20g vs 350whp nissan S14 k24de-T with T3/T4
Subaru Impreza WRX/STi with TD06-20g ..... winner vs 350whp nissan S14 k24de-T with T3/T4

S14 Straight Cam SR20DET TD06-20G
My s14 with freshly built straight cam SR20DET, and TD06-20G turbo

3SGTE Td06 20g turbo TUNING (405hp) FCTUNING GT4 MR2 St205
Td06 20g turbo at 1.6bar = 400+hp