Brand New 2012 Dodge Viper SRT NYC Auto Show

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SRT Viper - How it's made
You can read the article on the Viper here: Don't forget to follow us on: The compelling story of how a team of dedicated designers and craftspeople turned a muscle icon into a 645hp world-class supercar. The fifth generation Viper's origin is a journey of pure passion overcoming every obstacle thrown its way. See why the Viper is created like no other car in the world.

What's Underneath the 645-hp Dodge Viper ACR?
Take (a last) look at what's under Dodge's vicious racecar for the street. Production specialist Jonathan Ward, maker of awesome ICON vehicles, evaluates the hidden bits underneath. With The/DRIVE's editor at large, Alex Roy. Video shot by Chris Cantle, produced and edited by Cait Knoll. More at The Drive: underbelly-of-the-dodge-viper-acr

Here Are All the Weird Quirks of My Dodge Viper
GO READ MY COLUMN HERE! I bought a Dodge Viper, and these are its weird quirks. FOLLOW ME: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Dodge Viper Gas Mileage Challenge! City MPG vs. Hypermiling!
GO READ MY COLUMN HERE! This is the Dodge Viper gas mileage challenge! I drove my Dodge Viper in the city and hypermiled it on the highway to see what gas mileage I could get. I got this cool shirt here: FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -