Rx7 13B Turbo

A look at the work that goes into building a modified rx7 road car.

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※今後のためにぜひ、チャンネル登録をお願いいたしま す。 2009年オートサロン出展用の動画。 13B-REW&RENESIS エンジンの組み付け作業をDVD2枚組みでリリースする告 用動画。 ■大人のクルマいじり.net(3/12現在準備中) http://xn--n8jxb8cyfvhwk6cz561akvt.net http://大人のクルマいじり.net/ ■通常版DVDはこちらから検索・・・ http://sellinglist.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/user/bombee_god ■ヤフオク自動車部.xyz http://xn--kckk6inc486whb9ci3s51d.xyz http://ヤフオク自動車部.xyz/ ■ただいま「成長中」の通販サイトでは、チューニング マニュアルのPDFダウンロード版がラインナップ中です。 http://www.club-carboy.com/

Part 7: My 76 Mazda RX-5 Cosmo Restoration - Intake and Exhaust Porting
Has it been nearly a month since my last episode? Wow, time does indeed fly. I've been quite busy preparing to build the engine. So in part 7, I cover the intake and Exhaust porting. The engine is being built with GSL-SE 6 port plates and the Cosmo rotor housings as the basis for a 6 port turbo setup. This port job is fairly conservative, only opening up the primary ports a little and bringing the Exhaust ports close to 2nd gen RX-7 specs. The goal is to maintain fuel economy, low and midrange torque, and idle quality. This episode covers everything involved in porting including: marking out the new ports, grinding the port shape, smoothing the bowls, smoothing port to runner transitions, smoothing the runners, grinding and blending the Exhaust ports.

ロータリーエンジン組み付け真俯瞰、早送りRX-7 13B-REWエンジン組み付け!!
■真上から撮影した映像が面白いので、4時間分のテー を4分にしてみました。ぜひ、チャンネル登録をお願い たします。 ■YouTube paid version. https://youtu.be/z14FuGtb5IE?list=PL_aIYa-SZ-w52DYAy0i19Wzo8VnTrKUM2 ■通常版DVDはこちらから検索・・・ http://sellinglist.auctions.yahoo.co....

Mazda Rx7 13B turbo Dyno run
this is Joe's Mazda Rx7 coming soon Dyno run, it runs a mazda 13B turbo engine, Ford toploader transmission and 9 inch rear, it will be hitting the track very soon, stay tuned for updated vids