Trans Am Mustangs

Trans Am was a racing series that started in the late '60s before 'Trans Am' the car, by Pontiac, existed. These are various pictures of some of the Trans Am Mustangs that raced in this series from 1966 to 1970.

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Monterey Historic Auto Races 2008: Trans-Am Series Racing Cars
Trans-Am race car footage from the Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca, August 2008.

1997 SCCA Trans-Am Championship @ St Petersburg (Full Race in 720p HD)
Hello there, faithful subscribers. First off, before you ask, why are you UL'ing a race that is already on here, for those who do not know, BMB5150, the famous motorsports channel on here who gave us so many great CART, American Sports Car, and Trans-Am full race videos, was unfortunately deleted by the YT Copyright Hounds just a few days ago for reasons I'm still trying to figure out. Hopefully, he will come back on here soon, but that means that a lot of great races, some of which was only on his channel, are now all gone. If you can offer some perspective on this, please feel free to in the comments below. Now, on to the topic of the video, which is the opening race of the 1997 SCCA Trans-Am Championship. A season that would turn out to be a great, competitive season......that is, if you are a Tommy Kendall and Jack Roush Ford Mustang fan. But, it didn't seem that way going into the season, especially after SCCA Pro Racing changed the Fast Five qualifying procedure and made them pick lots for starting placements, hoping that would curb the dominance of the Ford Mustang the last two seasons. Seriously, tho, how TK didn't win North American Driver of the Year, even with drivers like JG, Zanardi, and Baby Smoke all dominating their respective series that year is beyond my comprehension. Just goes to show you the voters of that particular award and how massive an erection they had towards NASCAR even back then. (as I'm pretty positive JG won the award that year. Or maybe it was Zanardi. Could be wrong.) Oh, well, at least that award was still a legitimate, prestigious award back then and not the total farce it is today, where a NASCAR driver has won that award every single year going back at least a decade. Anyway, I am only posting it on here B/C my main motorsports channel still has that copyright strike from a while back due to that 1970-71 Trans-Am video that expires in June. When that's over, I'll post the rest of the videos over there. For now, enjoy!

1968 TransAm Mustang Fire Up
My buddy Dale snapped his Crankshaft, and had 2 weeks to get it back on the track. Well, pushing almost all my clients aside, she is ready to race at Willow Springs California. DePalma Motorsports 818-904-0302

Trans-Am Series Racing Cars: 2010 Monterey Historics Part 2 of 2: Track
1966-1972 Trans-Am racing cars on the track. Check this video too.