2001 dodge neon ACR custom si taillights moded headlights

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2000 neon vlog
This is a vlog type deal that I am going to do with my 2000 SOHC neon. I am planning on doing a few performance mods to make some more horsepower and I will be updating everyone through these videos. I will try to post updates as often as I can. NO HATE COMMENTS!!!

Version One Projector Halo Headlights/ SRT-4
Follow me on twitter: @ryeinbee This is a quick review and look over of the version one projector halo headlights that I bought for my 2005 dodge neon SRT 4. Purchased of modernperformance.com

Custom dodge neon
my friends car dodge neon

Custom dodge neon
Custom 2005 dodge neon, with alot more to be done. well if theres any haters on the car oh well cause i love it haha, but other then that lemme know what u think