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Skiing, tubing and cruising in a low profile boat.

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21' Daytona 1450hp
First Float and Fire-Up of the Radical 1450hp 21' Eliminator Daytona

Pegged 2 The Movie (Official Trailer)
To some, it's simply a hobby, a pastime if you will, but to others performance boating is much more then that, it's a lifestyle! "Pegged 2 The Movie" is an adrenalin charged documentary featuring high speed poker runners, wild and crazy V-drives, bad blown jets, plus bikini clad beauties and the good times that make performance boating a way of life. Onboard cameras let you experience the thrills of riding along in high speed water born rockets, exclusive aerial angles provide a spectacular view of the action, scenic landscapes and the dramatic beauty that is performance boating. Sit back and enjoy the ride, as the creatures of Pegged bring you hair-raising sounds of radical blown V8 engines, a killer sound track and those hot summer days on the water right into your living room with "Pegged 2 The Movie". ORDER NOW at

Jet Ski VS 454 JAWS High performance speed boat
Jet Ski racing JAWS high perfomace speed boat with 454 engine and newly installed Holley 800CFM. Jet Ski was going around 68 mph and dead even with the speed boat, then the engine was trimmed up and boat starts to pull away from Jet Ski.