Fifth Gear Detailing Car Wash 5k

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Dodgy Detailing Products 50k Subscriber Special
In celebration of reaching 50,000 subscribers and to say thanks for all the loyal views I decided to “detail” my old dodgy car using some even older dodgier products! UK Store: US Store: Services: Tuition: Feature Your Car: Instagram: Facebook: Products used: Kranzle K7 Pressure Washer: (UK) - (US) - Wonder Wheels: (UK) - Turtle Wax Zip Wash & Wax: (UK) - (US) - Builders Bucket: (UK) - (US) - Jumbo Sponge: (UK) - (US) - Chamois Leather: (UK) - (US) - CarPlan Tyre Slik: (UK) - CarPlan Tar Remover: (UK) - T-Cut: (UK) - Tri Foam Applicator Pad: (UK) - (US) - Autoglym Super Resin Polish: (UK) - (US) - Turtle Wax Hard Shell Paste Wax: (UK) - (US) - Yellow Microfibre Buffing Towels: (UK) - (US) - Kwazar Mercury Pro Trigger Spray: (UK) - (US) - Simoniz Back to Black: (UK) - Polishing Rags: (UK) - (US) - Black Latex Gloves: (UK) - (US) - Canon Legria HF G30 Video Camera: (UK) - (US) - GoPro Hero Silver: (UK) - (US) - Manfrotto Fluid Head Video Tripod System: (UK) - (US) - Canon DM-100 Shotgun Microphone: (UK) - (US) - Blue Yeti USB Microphone: (UK) - (US) - Autosmart Reglaze

The Ultimate Car Wash
Paul Dolton - The Worlds Best Car Cleaner Lewis Stuart

Detailing a 200,000 Mile Car
Ben bought the Forester last year to serve as a beater, and we have certainly beat on it. The car hasn't been washed by anything but rain for the entirety of Ben's ownership, so when our buddy Daniel at Automotive Aesthetic offered to detail a car for us, we had the perfect challenge for him. In this video, Daniel talks through his 3 main steps of cosmetic car care, and cleans up the Subie while he's at it. Huge thanks to Daniel and all the guys at Automotive Aesthetic for hooking us up with an unreasonably great detail. Music: N A M I by Venice Summer Nights by Horizen With Love by Horizen Thank you to all our Patreon Patrons! You can check out our Patreon at: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at: and @gearsandgasoline

World's Best Car Cleaner #TBT - Fifth Gear
It's #ThrowbackThursday! Paul Dalton is the master when it comes to cleaning cars, and not just any cars. His clients pay a starting rate of £5000 with a lengthy process which even removes scratches. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel: