Alex Shuster / KAIZENSPEED Talon vs Procharged Corvette

A little in-car from Race Wars 2009 in Royal City, WA.

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DTP racewars 09' Shelby GT vs. 240SX
DTP racewars 2009 Royal City,Washington a shelby GT (not gt500)vs. 240SX

Kaizenspeed Turbo Civic Vs. Modded Evo IX
turbo civic tuned by Kaizenspeed races a modded evo at DTPRACEWARS Royal City WA

Matt Wilson EG @ the track
Nitrous GSR, 75 shot, skunk2 pro 1's, skunk2 intake manifold, 68mm throttle body. Built and tuned by KAIZENSPEED on ECTune

KAIZENSPEED Talon fun Launch
Just messin around with the car outside the shop. Trying to get the launch right.