KCIR 9-29-07 We lost to Dennis at the lights just like he lost to us last year. We were eye to eye at the finish line. Looking forward to lining up again for 2 out of 3!

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Bug In 37 @ Irwindale Raceway 2012 Lightning Bug v Lightning Bug 2
Paul Schley driving the original Lightning Bug 2, versus the Gasser Garage replica of Lightning Bug @ Bug-In 37 Irwindale Raceway 2012

VW drag racing: Tar Babe, Underdog, Dyno-Soar, Hater Maker, BUG-IN 35
VW drag racing passes, including Jon Schweers in the former Dan Lawson CE notchback, debut of the VW Paradise Hater Maker VW Pro Mod beetle(?), with Kris Lauffer behind the wheel, making TNT passes, and Mike Cruz in the insane Nitrous-powered VW single cab bus. Is this the fastest Volkswagen bus on the planet? He's running deep into the 11's, with lots left. Trick or Cheat takes the wheelstand title of the event, with Larry Hanson getting air coming out of the waterbox. R.I.P. Les Navales, from the Trick or Cheat team. Jesse Hardin also makes a pass, in the blue VW Der Renn Kafer Cup bug, with Shawn Geers crewing. This VW drag racing video wraps up with the Fleming and Aronson Tar Babe, Underdog, and Dean Lowry D.D.S. Dyno-Soar cars all squaring off against each other. These VW bugs have been meticulously restored, but mechanical problems made it rather anti-climatic. Ultimately, it was Lee Leighton, at 80 years old, who really put the hammer down in this VW nostalgia drag racing segment.

lightning bug VW racers
Two of the more famous drag racing VW bugs face each other at the Irwindale Bug In. They talk with Lucky from Speed Scene Live TV in the staging lanes right before they race. Watch Speed Scene Live TV at for more cool stuff like this.

#84 Hawaii Motorhead Magazine Hilo VW Bug-In 2013 Quick 8 1st Round Elimination
Big Island Auto Club VW Drag Racing April 2013