FP Green Powered Turbo CRX Drag Race, Sara Murphy 12.7 @ 109mph

Sara Murphy in her 1.6L D series CRX with a Forced Performance DSM style Green turbo. AEM Inaugural Liberty Engines Import vs Domestic Shootout at New England Dragway. 6/23/2012 - Epping, NH

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This video is of Matt from RTI - Revolution Tuning Innovations running a stock sleeve block LSVTEC on 20PSI running a 10.8 @135 at Spokane county raceway.

ETD All Motor Honda CRX
8TH MILE DRAG RACE CSCS Racing event in Cayuga Aug 21st 2011

The PINK PUSS Strikes Again! Honda Crx 1.8 liter drag racing compilation 2012
The PINK PUSS Strikes Again! Honda CRX 1.8 liter drag racing compilation filmed at Edgewater drag strip 2012! In this episode Aries Xecutioner shows up at the drag strip for test and tune and watches as Paul, the driver makes a ridiculous amount of passes on his Honda CRX, mostly stock, and chops the heads off damn near every car he races! With mostly random match ups with street cars, some kids there racing their sport compact cars line up against him with their four-banger's and Paul beats them all. No races from this day were edited out of the video. Even when it looks like he might lose to a faster car, he somehow manages to come out on top with a great reaction time and quick launch, this guy has set the record at this track for the amount of passes one car can get in one day; 38 passes, full quarter mile. The clutch is bone stock with well over 700+ documented drag strip passes at the time this video was made. The PINK PUSS Crx is local to Cincinnati, and Paul hopes to build a bigger engine and make the car faster to have even more fun, but racing and parts are expensive, so give the guy some time, and subscribe to my channel in the meantime for the next episode of Import Racing starring Paul and his CR-X: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

Honda CRX Tribute
Slide Show Video