Honda Civic VS BMW M5 ?!?! xD

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My S2000, and a BMW M5...with balls.
I came across this M5 and we raced around a bit. I thought he would shit on me hardcore....but through the turns, it seems like I had him. In this vid I only show the one clip because I thought it was pretty good....Simply put, this M5 driver has got balls. I couldn't be too "crazy" cause my passenger has been in enough car accidents and is scared of "ballzy" driving, and I respect that. Just the night before this i had a nice race with an Subaru STI but didnt have the camera...(that race was a tie)

Honda Civic JSO vs BMW M5 F10
Journée runs de la Team Zone Rouge 02 le 31 aout 2014

civic type r ep3 vs bmw m5 e39
civic type r prepa atmo 275 cv vs bmw m5 e39 380 cv

A bone stock BMW M5 and a modified Civic (K20 turbo) do some quarter mile runs on a wet race track. Event: Automaxx Streetpower 2017 (Zandvoort, The Netherlands) 1st run: Honda Integra vs. Honda Civic turbo 2nd run: BMW e60 M5 vs. Volkswagen Golf GTI (mk5) 3rd run: BMW e60 M5 vs. Honda Civic 4th run: Honda Prelude 2.2 Vtec turbo vs. Honda Civic turbo 5th run: BMW e60 M5 vs. Honda Civic turbo (thumbnail)