Isuzu Rodeo 'V' Scurry Ponies

Isuzu Rodeo races Scurry Ponies at Thame Country Show.

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Isuzu D-Max Dakar Race - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe.avi
2013 Isuzu Dakar D-Max Race with Road D-Max - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe For more info about the 6th Generation Isuzu KB Please contact Gerrie du Plooy, Morne Hechter or Eon Barnard 0283121143/4 gerrie@ morne@ Add us on Facebook:

Isuzu Rodeo Tribute.wmv
Just a tribute to the Isuzu Rodeo. One of the best vehicles ever made. *******IM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO SO DONT TRY TO REMOVE IT FOR COPYRIGHT********

2002 Isuzu Rodeo Transmission Fluid Check

Sick 4x4 Rodeos!
This is a compilation of all the coolest rodeos I could find on the internet during work. If yours made it on congrats! But these ares sick vehicles it's about time somebody made a video dedicated to them.