Isuzu Rodeo 'V' Scurry Ponies

Isuzu Rodeo races Scurry Ponies at Thame Country Show.

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The Isuzu Off-Road Academy is the Ultimate training and preparation ground for anyone wanting to experience just how capable the Isuzu KB's are off-road. The Academy aims to teach existing Isuzu and prospective owners exactly what our KB's are capable of while sharpening their off-road driving skills. Non-Isuzu owners will also have the opportunity to put the classroom theory into practice, in Isuzu KB's.

2002 Isuzu Rodeo (misfire, low power case study, reversed O2 connectors)
For more information about O2 sensor and fuel trim diagnostics, refer to Sections 4 and 5 in my eBook available at Link to the Hyundai case study I mentioned in this video In this video I cover the following: loop status (open loop, closed loop and open loop faults) How to test an O2 sensor for response Is the O2 sensor lying? Rich and lean air fuel ratios Short term and long term fuel trim

Isuzu transmission removal
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Isuzu D-Max Dakar Race - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe.avi
2013 Isuzu Dakar D-Max Race with Road D-Max - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe For more info about the 6th Generation Isuzu KB Please contact Gerrie du Plooy, Morne Hechter or Eon Barnard 0283121143/4 gerrie@ morne@ Add us on Facebook: